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Certification: Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist

Certification Full Name: Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist

Certification Provider: Cisco

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Certification Prerequisites

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Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist Certification Info

What you need to learn for successful Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist examination

An IT professional who wishes to develop his skills in planning, implementing and maintaining CISCO TelePresence solutions must undertake the certification on Cisco Telepresence solutions specialist examination. This certification emphases the job performance of a professional in voice specialist or network engineer. A successful candidate in this certificate will be able to assess network path for rich media, configuring functions of interoperability and call-control design evaluation.

Candidate willing to apply for this exam should have a valid CCNA certificate and also recommended to have a thorough understanding of CVOICE, QoS, CIPT1 and CIPT2. Though these courses appear in CCNP examination, it's not necessary to have this certification. The finest way in passing this certification is to attend Cisco approved training such as Implementing Cisco TelePresence Solutions (ITS) and Physical Installation of Cisco TelePresence systems (PITS). ITS course is a four day course led by Cisco instructor who guides on TelePresence systems, its architecture, functionality, features and components. PITS is also trained by Cisco instructor and it deals with hands on, labs and installation.

In order to clear this certification, candidates are required to clear two examination. One is Implementing Cisco TelePresence Solutions Immersive exam which deals with both ITS and PITS. Professionals become experts in voice and video conferencing after this examination. This exam is for 90 minutes with approximately 80 questions in it. It is a closed book exam and it deals with the following.

  1. Studio Audio and Video fundamentals. In this understanding of room acoustics and lighting, their measuring tools, understanding video technology and various codecs used for the conversion.
  2. Interpret Solution Overview. This deals with interpreting product information, understanding deployment topologies, business to business architectures and interoperability.
  3. Planning, Designing and Implementing Cisco TelePresence Room.
  4. Planning, Designing and Implementing the network.
  5. Planning, Designing and Implementing Cisco TelePresence Solution. This deals with understanding the requirements, design considerations and protocol interaction. integrating various modules, intercompany communications and troubleshooting of the software
  6. Performing Post-Deployment Administration and Troubleshooting.

The second exam is Installing Cisco TelePresence Video Immersive Systems. It is associated with the management of Cisco TX9000 course. This course work is designed to give professionals a deep knowledge of installing, configuring, operating, maintaining and troubleshooting Cisco TX9000 and TX9200 systems. This exam is also a closed book examination and it includes the following topics.

  1. Exploring product overview. This describes the immersive and non-immersive components and their differences in Cisco TelePresence software. It also includes the overview of all the components, physical position and their purposes.
  2. Components of the TX9000. This describes the codecs in TX9000, its expansion box, LCU and the Touch 12 of Cisco.
  3. Configuration of TX9000. This deals with the graphical user interface and its connections, its configuration and about CUCM
  4. Maintenance of TX9000. It involves the maintenance of TX9000, its software upgradation, tuning of the components, diagnostic checking and viewing up the log files.
  5. Troubleshooting the TX9000. This involves troubleshooting of the various components and issues rising up in due course of the software.

For this exam, Cisco TX9000 Management course is provided by Cisco and its various partners. It's a 70 minute exam with approximately 55 questions in it. After passing this exam, a professional will be in a position to completely workout any problem arising in TX9000 system.

By learning these software and attending the required courses, one can develop all the skills and knowledge to clear the Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist examination.