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Certification: EMCISA

Certification Full Name: EMC Information Storage and Management

Certification Provider: EMC

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Certification Notation

E10-001 exam will retire on December 31, 2015. It will be replaced with E5-001 exam.

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EMCISA Certification Info

EMCISA: Roadmap to successful preparation

When the thought of sitting for EMCISA certification exam first crossed my mind, I knew that I could not make any sense without thinking on how I was going to prepare for and pass the main test. I had been working in a storage department a for some time and this time I was convinced that receiving the certification for EMCISA was going to be an additional credit and advance my job opportunities. There was a need to validate my knowledge and storage skills if I had to remain competitive in the job market. However, the thought of having to sit for an exam always sent goose pimples my hands. The last time I had tried to sit for the exam I failed and had to ask for an exam retake. This meant that I had to pay an extra fee top cater for the extra test. This experience had left some trauma in my head such that the thought of sitting for an exam always sent a cold chill down my spine. This meant that I had to come up with a very concrete plan that would enable me grasp and understand all the concepts and be able to apply them in the exam as well. This meant that I have a thorough preparation. I was not prepared to fail again

I could not speak about preparation without thinking on how much I was going to spend in order to get a quality guide in my preparation. I knew of many reference materials that are available some of which are unreliable. Choosing the right material needed some interventions by someone who have used any of them and can attest that it worked. A midst my confusion I knew that I could not spend days thinking on what guide I should use. Doing this could take so much time and money comparing guides and finally fail to identify one. I approached my friend who had sat for the exam an year before and had passed very well. He then introduced me to test-king EMCISA online computer training. Through it I was able to cover topics on storage systems; storage networking technologies and virtualization; storage security and management; and business continuity. Through test-king I was also able to get video trainings that were of great help to me. They made my retention of information the easiest thing as I could remember contents very easily. I was also able to acquire questions and answers on EMCISA that made me to familiarize myself with exam format. Test-king was the greatest mean of preparation that I ever used in my life. It made my understanding of the different topics so easy. The questions and answers were correct and elaborate such that understanding of the most of the topics was so easy.

Through the test-king I managed to cover so much and had enough time to assess my understanding of the different concepts. From the experience given by test-king brain dumps I knew that passing the exam would be easy to me and true to my words that is exactly what happened. The exam environment was so friendly to me, I felt like a king when answering those questions. My revision was so real. The answers came out of my mind just like the lines of my favorite chorus. I managed to spare so much time of my exam time. This made me to wonder why I had spent so much time before discovering guidance to exam preparation by test-king.

In conclusion, Test-king proved to be the roadmap towards EMCISA certification preparation. Although I had been so much confused in the beginning and with no idea of where to start, my discovery of test-king saved me the agony. It is a sure way to prepare and pass in the EMCISA certification exam. Every candidate should test it.

Timi Marines - Assistant - IT Architects