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Certification: Enterprise Architect

Certification Full Name: Enterprise Architect

Certification Provider: SAP

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Enterprise Architect Certification Exams

C_E2E100_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Root Cause Analysis) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_EPMBPC_75 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 Exam

C_EP_731 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.31 Exam

C_FSIINS_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP for Insurance ERP 6.0 EHP6 Exam

C_HANAIMP141 - SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

C_HANATEC141 - SAP Certified Technology Associate (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

C_PM_71 - SAP Certified Associate Project Manager Exam

C_PXSUP_90 - SAP Certified Associate - Support Consultant for Incident Management with SAP Business All-in-One Exam

C_SM100_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Configuration) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_SM200_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (IT Service Management Configuration) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_SMPADM_23 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Mobile Platform Native and Hybrid Application Administration (SMP 2.3) Exam

C_SMPNHB_23 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SMP Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Developer (SMP 2.3) Exam

C_SOA200_70 - SAP Certified Associate Enterprise Architect (C_SOA200_70) Exam

C_SPDDA_165 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - Data Consultant for PowerDesigner 16.5 Exam

C_TADM50_731 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration (Max DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Exam

C_TADM51702 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2 Exam

C_TADM70_73 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - OS/DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.30 Exam

C_TB1200_90 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business One 9.0 Exam

C_TB1300_90 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Business One Release 9.0 Exam

C_TE2E10_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (E2E Solution Operations) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_TFIN22_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6 Exam

C_TM_90 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Transportation Management 9.0 Exam

C_TPLM30_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance & Repair) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 Exam

C_TSM10_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Implementation) 7.1 SP 8 Exam

P_ADMSEC_731 - SAP Certified Technology Professional - System Security with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Exam

P_HANAIMP141 - SAP Certified Application Professional (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

P_SOA_EA_70 - SAP Certified Professional Enterprise Architect Exam

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Enterprise Architect Certification Info

SAP Enterprise Architect - My study plan

The Enterprise Architect is a new sector in the IT field. This sector has been growing with amazing leaps and bounds. If you want to make a career as SAP Enterprise Architect, then be assured that this is one of the right tracks to walk on in the IT field. The Enterprise Architect prepares an IT system structure that supports the business strategy of the particular company. There is no point in elaborating how important IT has become in any kind of company. After all, anyone who is reading this must be related to IT field in one or another way. The growth and importance of IT has compelled companies to make their business strategy and the IT field to coexist. As an Enterprise Architect you should be able to understand the business requirements as well as the technology issues that are related to the business.

The Enterprise Architect is the one who is responsible to who composes the technological solutions for the whole business infrastructure and process. Due to the high importance of IT in the business, the person who will be in charge of this task should know what they are doing and how they should do it. So, the perfect combination of knowledge and skill is required. The skills can be achieved through the experience whereas the knowledge can be achieved through certification exams.

So, if you are aiming to get certified by the SAP Enterprise Architect certification, then you will need to have some kind of study plan that you need to follow. Here is a simple study plan that might come in handy.

Make a plan as per the exam topics

After find the exam topics of the particular SAP certification exam that you are about to take from here, you should start making a plan. The exam topics along with the weight of those topics in the certification exam are stated in the exam detail page. The first thing that you have to do is decide your strong topics and your weaker ones. Then based on your strength and the weight of the topics, make a plan where you will allocate time to each topic. After making the plan, be sure to follow it. Otherwise, the plan will go to waste.

Apply for the training courses

Most of the SAP Enterprise Architect certification has training courses. However, some of the certification tests are not accompanies by training courses. If the test that you are about to take has the training courses, then register for it. These training courses will prove to be very fruitful for your study plan. In each day of that course, you will be able to learn new things, improve your skills and know some new tricks for the exam as well. There are different kinds of training courses. There are traditional classroom, virtual live classroom, e-learning package and other training courses. This training course is highly recommended to the fresher who have just been introduced to the SAP Enterprise Architect certification.

Practice, practice and practice

You have all heard about the saying, 'Practice makes man perfect'. So, be sure to apply this saying into your real life. After the end of the each chapter or topic, you should do the exercises that are provided by the instructors or that are given in your book. These exercises will help you to be clear about certain concepts and theories. You should try to complete all the exercises in the workbook or the book. If you cannot complete all the exercises, do not fret over it because it is not something that is absolutely compulsory.

Everyone has their own personal study plan. Add these above points in your study plan and follow them. You are bound to get some good results. The study plan will never be complete if you do not follow them or put an effort into them. So, be sure to follow and give time and effort to the study plan that you have made for the SAP Enterprise Architect certification.