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Certification: IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9.7

Certification Full Name: IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9.7

Certification Provider: IBM

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Certification Notation

There are 2 steps to get IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9.7 certification:

  1. You need to pass: C2090-730 exam or C2090-610 exam.
  2. You need to pass: C2090-541 exam or C2090-546 exam
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IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9.7 Certification Info

Certification Overview

DB2, a product of IBM based of the relational model of database management system. IBM DB2 is available for the operating systems like WINDOWS, UNIX and LINUX. IBM as a brand is one of the biggest ones and the certifications offered by the company are valued at the high level all over the world. IBM Certified Database Administrator – DB2 9.7 is for professionals who can administer the DB2 database technology.

Who can do this certification?

Consultants or professionals who are experienced with IBM DB2 9.7 and having hands on experience in performing intermediary to advanced level of database administration could do this certification.


By finishing the certification, one may be able to project the knowledge gained with a proof stating that consultant is competent enough to perform the IBM DB2 administration tasks. This certification also will help you acquire a climb the ladder of promotion in the appraisal cycle.

Associated exam

There are 2 certification paths for clearing this exam.

  1. Certification path 1 – Complete the below two certification exams
    • Either pass the exam C2090-730(Fundamentals of DB2 9) or pass the exam C2090-610(Fundamentals of DB2 10.1)
    • Take the test C2090-541(IBM Database Administrator DB2 9.7 for Linux UNIX and Windows)
  2. Certification path 2 – Complete the three exams
    • First take the exam C2090-730 (Fundamentals of DB2 – 9) or the exam C2090-610 Fundamentals of DB2 10.1)
    • Secondly take the exam C2090-731 (Database administrator for Windows, Unix and Linux for - DB2 9)
    • Finally take the exam C2090-546 (DBA for Unix, Linux or Windows upgrade - DB2 9.7)


Knowledge and hands on experience on the IBM DB2 administration is good to be known in advance to appear for this exam. Concepts level might vary from the intermediately to advanced with sufficient expertise to solve the basic issues that are raised.

Examination Overview

Topics covered – topics are divided into several sections as explained below.

  1. Configuring and managing the DB2 databases, servers and instances by knowing the details of configuration, registry variable information and compatibility details with the Oracle database.
  2. Schedule a job with by knowing the list of the tools available, details on managing the task and how to configure a job.
  3. Knowledge on usage of the Autonomic features like knowing the available features, self-tune memory manager and regulate the impact of performance  - Utility throttling
  4. How to create a database, create, usages, schemas and the different features of SMS, AS table space and DMS?
  5. What is partitioning, range partitioning, indexes of XML, functions of XML, data types of XML, features that are new in V9.7 and data objects of XML?
  6. What is compression, compression enabling, compression of the index, how to create a dictionary automatically, concepts of replication and its support, Inline LOB, compression of XML and concepts of temporary tables.
  7. How to create constraints on tables using NOT NULL, Primary key, With default, Unique constraint, Check Informational and RI. How to create views along with the CHECK OPTION
  8. How to monitor the database using the SQL functions and Admin views, managing the work load by calculating the time for every job with metrics and setting up with the advanced waterfall approach.
  9. Usage of the automated monitoring tools available by configuring the Health center with the help of Health monitor and monitoring the events
  10. Identifying the usage of tools that determine the problems and capturing and analysing the information about VISUAL EXPLAIN AND EXPLAIN.
  11. Demonstrate the ability to use the data movement utilities (IMPORT, LOAD, EXPORT), when and how to user load and import utility. Details about the DB2Look and DB2Move
  12. Using the RUNSTATS, REORG, REBIND and REORGCHK utilities and DB2 advisor.What is the principle of Data Studio Administrator and its basic concepts?
  13. What are the DB2 actions of data integrity, table and database level recovery and backup action along with split mirroring and configuring and managing HADR
  14. What is DB2 database privilege, authorization and authentication, Facility of audit, Infrastructure of security in DB2
  15. How to configure a Database using the SQLJ and JDBC connections

The exam will test the aptitude of yours in the administration of the DB2 and after finishing this certification you would be effectively able to administer the DB2 database and become a master in all the topics required for a DBA to perform his role.

The exam would be available in Japanese and English which would be of 60 questions on the whole which will be on choosing the best answer type and on which 61% should be correct. The time allotted is 90 minutes.

Validity of the Certification

This certification does not expire.

Expert Review

IBM as a brand is big and doing certification with such a brand is a credit in the career. One should aim high to reach on top and I did the same. This certification helped me big time in my career path.

Johnson, BMW Financial Services.

Munich, Germany.