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Certification: System Architect

Certification Full Name: System Architect, Technical Architect

Certification Provider: SAP

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System Architect Certification Exams

C_E2E100_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Root Cause Analysis) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_EPMBPC_75 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 Exam

C_EP_731 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.31 Exam

C_FSIINS_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP for Insurance ERP 6.0 EHP6 Exam

C_HANAIMP141 - SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

C_HANATEC141 - SAP Certified Technology Associate (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

C_PM_71 - SAP Certified Associate Project Manager Exam

C_PXSUP_90 - SAP Certified Associate - Support Consultant for Incident Management with SAP Business All-in-One Exam

C_SM100_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Configuration) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_SM200_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (IT Service Management Configuration) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_SMPADM_23 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Mobile Platform Native and Hybrid Application Administration (SMP 2.3) Exam

C_SMPNHB_23 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SMP Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Developer (SMP 2.3) Exam

C_SPDDA_165 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - Data Consultant for PowerDesigner 16.5 Exam

C_TADM50_731 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration (Max DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Exam

C_TADM51702 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2 Exam

C_TADM70_73 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - OS/DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.30 Exam

C_TB1200_90 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business One 9.0 Exam

C_TB1300_90 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Business One Release 9.0 Exam

C_TE2E10_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (E2E Solution Operations) 7.1 SP8 Exam

C_TFIN22_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6 Exam

C_TM_90 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Transportation Management 9.0 Exam

C_TPLM30_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance & Repair) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 Exam

C_TSM10_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Implementation) 7.1 SP 8 Exam

P_ADMSEC_731 - SAP Certified Technology Professional - System Security with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Exam

P_HANAIMP141 - SAP Certified Application Professional (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA Exam

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System Architect Certification Info

Why SAP System Architect is important

SAP is one of the largest corporations in the world which provides enterprise applications through software and software services. The company is well known for some of the applications like SAP ERP, SAP HANA. SAP provides many certifications for IT Professionals for working in their software services as well as other applications. These certifications are considered to be world's beat certification as they are coming from well acclaimed enterprise.

One of such certification is the SAP System Architect certification. They main aim of this certification is to decrease the distance between consumer and the application. One who wish to gain this certification must have knowledge about software integration, implementation, installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of its applications. They must understand the requirements of the customer and implement the necessities in the software. They must also know to integrate new software in older environments, understand the database language implement the required web services.

The candidate must also know about the disk calibration and allotments for its software, how to take backup, how to restore a backup, and network bandwidth. You must completely understand the applications to certify themselves with SAP System Architect. You must have the grasp of basics as well as the core knowledge and must be able to understand any problem and rectify it with ease.

The main objectives that a candidate must perform as a system architect are:

  • Designing a proper interface so that user feels comfortable with his needs
  • Understanding the user requirements and developing the software.
  • Understanding the users expenses and schedule to develop the model cost efficient and in time
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the requirements so that there won't be any conflict later.
  • Ensuring that the requirements are operationally feasible.
  • Determining the functions of software and hardware.
  • Determining which functions to be set automatic or manual.
  • Maintaining proper algorithm so that any modifications can be done easily.
  • Allowing provisions to make modifications easily
  • Keeping the algorithms separate so that mistakes can be found easily and analysed.
  • Partitioning large algorithm to smaller ones so that batch analysis can be performed
  • Collaborating with design team and hardware teams so that a well optimised system is produced.
  • Testing the software for the customer's requirement and whether it will be working under all possible scenarios
  • Specifications from the user must be carefully studied and it's the System Architect to differentiate the needs and wants of the customer.
  • Providing acceptance test so that the schedule to work on the software is done correctly.
  • Maintaining the less frequent options subtle that the customer don't want to confuse with many manual options.
  • Providing the best CHI (Computer human interface)
  • Trouble shooting problems and making the customer understand how to troubleshoot.
  • Understanding network requirement and selecting network provider, server, bandwidth allocation to operate, joining servers and connecting different systems.
  • Layering the architecture for simple uses.
  • Adjusting with various engineers and other architects to create an unified system to work in all conditions and meeting all requirement.
  • Sacrificing the important aspects if the customer insist on removing or adding them.
  • Developing flowchart and sketches for the customer to understand easily.
  • Maintaining the upgraded software and hardware versions so that the use is optimised.
  • Optimising the system in his own without following any procedures.

A system Architect is expected to perform these operations. Since this certification covers most of the topics, this certificate can help one to perform a varieties of operations. Not only in SAP software solutions, this certification is appreciated in much higher level that one need think twice to take this certification. SAP provides system architect in various languages that candidates can attend this exam in their native languages. Many companies are using SAN System Architect certificate as a benchmark to select candidates to work in their softwares. The demand for this certification is gone up and hence it is necessary for all IT Professional to have this certification.