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Specialized Certifications - Linux Certifications

Linux certifications are available from a number of vendors, including HP, IBM, RedHat and Oracle. With Linux running so many web servers today, Linux certifications are of increasing interest to IT professionals.

A recognized Linux certification provides a tangible way to show prowess in this operating system. Many job postings have started quoting Linux Certified Professional in recruitment advertisements.

There are a large number of well-established Linux certification programs. The majority of available Linux certifications focus on system administration, but there are also a few developer-focused options. Some require more advanced expertise while others certify basic skills. Given how important system security is these days, it should come as no surprise that there are also several Linux security-focused designations available. With all these options, you can choose the Linux certification path that is best suited for your career goals.

Having a well-qualified and respected certification under your belt is definitely a valuable addition to the professional in the field of IT. With the well-recognized Linux certification programs the professional can boost his value to employers, gain reputation, and obtain the skills and knowledge that will help organizations run their programs in a more efficient manner. Having a Linux certification means more job opportunities, as well as more promotion opportunities within your current organization.

Experience with Linux and a Linux certification can provide better IT positions for professionals, as well as building their knowledge within a framework that is vendor neutral. A Linux certification can also serve as basis for further certifications, such as Fedora and LPI. Linux also lies at the core of numerous products from a security standpoint, which makes a Linux certification all the more valuable for any IT professional.

Linux Certifications




  • Certified Linux Administrator (CLA)