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Isaca Certifications

  • CCAK - Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge
  • CDPSE - Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
  • CGEIT - Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CISM - Certified Information Security Manager
  • COBIT 2019 - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies 2019
  • COBIT 5 - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies 5
  • CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Isaca Exams

  • CCAK - Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge
  • CDPSE - Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
  • CGEIT - Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CISM - Certified Information Security Manager
  • COBIT 2019 - COBIT 2019 Foundation
  • COBIT 5 - A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT
  • CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

ISACA (formerly known as, Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a global professional association that focuses on promoting the best, expertise, training, and talent in business technology. It was formed in the USA in 1969 as a global nonprofit association and is focused on IT governance. By 2008, this organization dropped its lengthy title and got branded as ISACA. Currently, it is also an active affiliate member of IFAC.

ISACA has certified over 145,000 professionals across 180 countries in almost all industry areas including information security, risk, governance, and assurance. The job titles of the ISACA members include, information system (IS) auditor, educator, consultant, IS security professional, internal auditor, regulator, chief information officer, etc.

In other words, ISACA's primary goal is to protect your organization from cyber security threats, help you build a team that will work effectively, and equip your specialists with the most relevant skills and validate that they are real cybersecurity professionals.


The ISACA certification program is quite extensive, and it includes a number of certifications to opt for, so the main ones are the following:

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is one of the most demanded certifications from Isaca. Offered in the domains of audit, control, monitor and access business and IT systems and organization’s information technology, it is available for candidates with at least 5-years of experience in information systems auditing, security, or control work.
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is offered to the mid-level information technology professionals who testify their skills to define, analyze, assess, prioritize and react to risks. Such specialists possess the updated skills to deal with real-world threats on today’s business arena.
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) accreditation is one of the leading certifications that is focused on the management side of information security. This certification proves that you possess top-notch skills in information risk management, information security program development & management, information security incident management, as well as information security governance. It requires from you to have a least 5 years of professional experience in information security management. You can substitute two years of this experience by obtaining the CISA designation.
  • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certificate is offered to the professionals on the senior-level positions in organizations. This accreditation testifies that they possess knowledge and expertise regarding the IT governance principles, regulations, and best practices. CGEIT certified individuals are capable of applying IT governance within an organization to enhance the work efficiency of the enterprise.
  • CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSX-P) qualification will be useful for technical cybersecurity practitioners with fundamental networking knowledge who aim to enhance their expertise in 5 key security functions – identification, protection detection, response, and recovery. The certified specialists are proficient in working in a live, proctored, virtual environment, and are able to solve host cybersecurity and network issues.
  • Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) designation available for technical IT pros with a minimum of 3 years in implementing technical privacy-by-design solutions. The certification proves that you have the most updated knowledge and skills in the field of privacy.
  • Information Technology Certified Associate (ITCA) accreditation track is designed for IT beginners and early professionals who are interested in data science, software development, cybersecurity, and computing fundamentals but have no relevant practical experience. To gain this certification you need to prove your skills in all five domains by passing 5 exams.
  • Certified in Emerging Technology (CET) certification path is available for IT pros whose field of activity is related to emerging technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, or IoT. This designation is a proof that you possess the most updated skills and are able to work in such areas as risk, security, cybersecurity, IT audit, governance, and privacy & business growth. In addition, ISACA offers a number of certification opportunities related to key principles and concepts in certain areas of cybersecurity and information systems.

ISACA is much more than the covered certifications above. Thus, its following options include Cobit, Cybersecurity Audit, CSX (Cybersecurity Nexus), IT Risk Fundamentals, CCAK.

  • COBIT Certificates – comprises 5 certifications for IT pros seeking to develop their expertise in the COBIT® framework, including the skills to effectively manage, develop and implement IT governance.
  • IT Risk Fundamentals – for specialists needing a deeper understanding of risk types and basic terminology, as well as key risk management processes.
  • CSX Nexus Cybersecurity Certificates (CSX) – qualification program covering key cyber knowledge and true-world cybersecurity skills at various levels depending on the candidate's experience.
  • Certificate in Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) – certificate offered by ISACA in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance that helps candidates increase their expertise in IT auditing, risk management, and security, including key terminology, problems, and their effective solutions related to cloud computing.
  • Cybersecurity Audit Certificate Program – will be valuable for audit or security specialists to have the necessary knowledge regarding cybersecurity auditing as well as the skills to assess cyber risks and take measures to prevent them.

At the same time, ISACA offers a number of entry-level certifications to help IT enthusiasts develop their professional identity. The students are engaged in such spheres as accounting, information systems, business administration, information technology, cybersecurity, engineering, and computer science. Since they get access to knowledge and resources from Isaca, they reach their targets and then are hired for the positions they apply for.