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Fortinet Certifications

  • NSE4 - Network Security Professional
  • NSE5 - Network Security Analyst
  • NSE6 - Network Security Specialist
  • NSE7 - Network Security Architect
  • NSE8 - Network Security Expert

Fortinet Exams

Fortinet is a US-based multinational company that supplies high-performance products, services, and cyber security solutions. This multinational corporation was founded in 2020, in California, the USA, and in 2009 it became a public company. Currently, the company has numerous offices and 9043 employees around the world.

Fortinet is best known for its FortiGate family of virtual and physical products with security features such as intrusion prevention, firewalls, anti-malware, and web filters. As well, it acquired the AccelOpsfirm which is an information security, analysis, and monitoring software provider in June 2016.


Fortinet supplies effective network security solutions that assist network, useraccounts, and data from constantly growing threats in various areas such ashospitality, manufacturing, communications, higher education, and pharmaceutical among others. The top of that, this company is a real security leader in the building and development of custom security processing unit technology to ensure best-in-class performance and cost-effectiveness in the industry.

In more detail, Fortinet and FortiGate products allow full visibility and identification of users, devices, and applications so that problems of all kinds can be easily identified.

  • Network Security Solutions include FortiGate NGFW, Fortinet SD-WAN, FortiGate IPS, FortiGate Secure Web Gateway, FortiGate SSL Inspection, FortiGate VPN, and much more.
  • Cloud Security Solutions include FortiCASB-SaaS, FortiCWP, andFortiGate-VM.
  • Security Operations Solutions include Endpoint Protection with EDR, FortiXDR, FortiDeceptor, and FortiSIEM among others.
  • As well as numerous products and services related to Zero-Trust Access and Threat Intelligence for securing enterprise and small mid-sized businesses.


The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) certification program offers a multi-tiered accreditation path for interested technical pros to develop and validate their strong security competencies. Moreover, this program is a success, since more than 80% of employers prefer to work with certified specialists. Therefore, more than 680k Fortinet certificates have found their owners.

The entire Fortinet NSE qualification path is divided into the following 4 levels:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Certification track provides candidates withthe associate-level certificates, known as the NSE 1, NSE 2, and NSE 3. The first certification checks your initial skills to secure your information. The second certification is designed for testing your solid understanding of the threat landscape, and your knowledge of the types of security products. The NSE 3 designation checks how familiar you are with the main Fortinet products, and how they solve the occurred issues. To add more, here you should be knowledgeable of the competitive landscape and effective sales strategies.
  • Cybersecurity Technical Certification track includes the NSE 4, NSE 5 and NSE 6qualifications for technical support engineers, network security administrators, and system engineers, wishing to master how to effectively implement, support, and operate various Fortinet devices. NSE 4 checks your skills to install, apply, operate configuration of a FortiGate device to implement corporate network security policies. NSE 5checks your skills to use Fortinet security devices to provide network security administration and analytics. It requires from you to pass 2 exams. The NSE 6 certification proves your proficient experience to work with fabric products beyond the firewall. This designation can be obtained after you achieve at least 4 Fortinet Specialist certifications.
  • Cybersecurity Advanced Certification allows IT Security Architects, Technical Support Engineers, Network Security Administrators, and System Engineers to gain advanced skills related to the design, implementation, and troubleshoot various Fortinet solutions. Meanwhile, passing one of the 7 qualifying exams offered by the vendor will lead to the prestigious NSE 7 Network Security Architect certificate.
  • Cybersecurity Expert Certificationis designed for Cybersecurity and Network Security Professionals aspiring to the NSE 8 Network Security Expert qualification, which validates the candidate's expertise in working with complex networks. Therefore, it is necessary to have solid experience with Fortinet products and undergo the required training before opting for this designation and complete the Fortinet NSE certification program.

Fortinet also categorizes its certifications into different cybersecurity-related processional fields and proposes the following educations pathways:

  • Security-Driven Networking pathway. For specialists who are interested in policies and technologies related to the protection of networks, assets, and traffic, from data loss, unauthorized access, and cyberattacks. This track includes a range of courses and exams related tothe NSE 4, NSE 5, NSE 7 qualifications.
  • Zero Trust Access pathway. For those who are eager to learn how to use Fortinet solutions to control all users and devices across the entire network. Here you are invited to take several tests from the NSE 4, NSE 5, NSE 6, and NSE 7 accreditation tracks.
  • Security Operations pathway. For candidates in need of such confident knowledge of organization-wide deployed, built security controls, and centralized detection of advanced threats in the SOC. For this, you need to take the appropriate training and pass several tests associated with the NSE 4, NSE 5, and NSE 7 qualifications.
  • Adaptive Cloud Security pathway. For candidates whose goal is to effectively manage cloud solutions and infrastructure to ensure secure connections and applications. Therefore, they will need to complete required courses and write tests included in the NSE 4, NSE 6, and NSE 7 certification tracks.
  • Operational Technology pathway. For professionals whose work involves securing systems against multiple threats from hackers engaged in espionage and terrorism. This path includes training and relevant exams for the NSE 4, NSE 5, NSE 6, and NSE 7 certifications.