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Splunk Exams

  • SPLK-1001 - Splunk Core Certified User
  • SPLK-1002 - Splunk Core Certified Power User
  • SPLK-1003 - Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
  • SPLK-1004 - Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User
  • SPLK-2001 - Splunk Certified Developer
  • SPLK-2002 - Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
  • SPLK-3001 - Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin
  • SPLK-3002 - Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin
  • SPLK-3003 - Splunk Core Certified Consultant
  • SPLK-4001 - Splunk O11y Cloud Certified Metrics User

Splunk Inc. - a US-based company that develops software for monitoring, searching, and analyzing machine-generated data through a Web-style interface. They describe themselves as the world's first Data-to-Everything platform for removing barriers between actions and data.

The company was founded in 2003, and today, 18 years later, has over 7.5k employees, 2k Splunk Apps, and numerous clients including 91 Fortune 100 companies. Their software assists in correlating, indexing, and collecting real-time data from which reports, graphs, dashboards, alerts, and visualizations can be created.

Splunk is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has 27 offices around the globe.


As already noted above, Splunk offers effective tools to collect and analyze large machine-generated data volumes. Therefore, this company offers many solutions related to security, IT operations, and DevOps for sectors such as communications, online services, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, among others.

So to modernize your security operations and secure your company against the latest threats, Splunk offers Splunk SOAR, Splunk Mission Control, or Splunk Security Essentials.

You can use Splunk IT Essentials, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, or Splunk IT Service Intelligence to prevent outages and simplify troubleshooting.

At the same time, Splunk Log Observer, Splunk On-Call, and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, among other products, are available to customers to effectively respond to incidents and quickly resolve identified problems.

Certification Program

Among other things, Splunk has developed an extensive certification program to validate candidates' ability to use key Splunk products including Apps & Add-Ons, Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk On-Call, Splunk Log Observer, to mention a few.

In addition, the proposed accreditations prepare applicants for various job roles such as IT Administrator or Analyst, SOC Administrator or Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, App Developer as well as Splunk Enterprise / Cloud Developer, Administrator, Architect,Search Expert, and Knowledge Manager.

Thus, the following qualifications are currently available:

  • Splunk Core Certified User certification is designed to prove competencies in searching, using fields, creating alerts, using lookups, and creating basic dashboards and statistical reports.
  • Splunk Core Certified Power User certification is intended to verify abilities to create event types and tags, use macros, create data models and workflow actions, and normalize data with the CIM
  • Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User certification qualifies the expertise in advanced reporting commands, searching, as well as using best practices and cases of knowledge objects to build forms and dashboards.
  • Splunk Cloud Certified Admin certification confirms the skills and knowledge related to effective practices and advanced configuration details for Splunk Cloud that include forwarder configuration, user accounts, basic monitoring, data management, and problem isolation.
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification proves the ability to apply numerous Splunk components daily as well as the health of the Splunk installation.
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certification validates expertise in core Splunk Deployment Methodology alongside advanced practices fordata collection,planning, managing, sizing, and troubleshooting.
  • Splunk Core Certified Consultant certification qualifies the practical mastery in best practices and Splunk Deployment Methodology through various labs completion.
  • Splunk Certified Developer certification verifies the hands-on abilities to use numerous components and apps of Splunk with help of complex evaluation.
  • Splunk ES Certified Admin certification validates the opportunity to effectively install, configure, and manage Splunk Enterprise Security.
  • Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) Certified Admin certification qualifies the expertise in installing and configuring the Splunk apps for ITSI.
  • Splunk Phantom Certified Admin certification proves the abilities to install and configure a Phantom server as well as integrate it with Splunk including designing, building, and debugging Playbooks.

It is worth bearing in mind that,usually, each subsequent accreditation exam requires a previous certificate level.


Splunk offers not only a qualification program but also comprehensive preparation opportunities for the final accreditation exams. Therefore, each certification pathway includes some recommended courses. The training programs offered are available both for a fee and free of charge. But in any case, they are fully aligned with the content of the qualification exams and contain only the most current information regarding Splunk products and solutions.