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Google Exams

Google is aUS-basedleading global corporation that offersproducts and services regarding Internet. It was established by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a privately company on September 4 in 1998 with the mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". Google had been headquarteredat Mountain Viewin California, which is called the Googleplexin 2006.


Google core search engine is preferred by the internet users worldwide for it's up-to-date logarithms and coding expertise. It also offers online productivity software like, Gmail (an email system), Google Drive (for online document storage), and Google+ (for social networking). Google's desktop products include, web browsing applications, photo-editing, instant messaging, etc. Moreover, Google technologies include, AndroidOS and the browser-only Chrome OS development; production of high-end Nexus devices; fiber-optic infrastructure driven Google Fiber broadband service.

Google Analytics service facilitates in drawing web-traffic in the website. Google Analytics and AdSense facilitate advertisements on blog/website to earn revenue. To advertise own products, Google has launched Demo Slam website.


Google offers several types of certifications:

  • Google AdWords certification trains the advertisers about how to show their advertisements in the content network of Google, through two options: cost-per-click or cost-per-view. AdWords program facilitates all types of businesses. It covers techniques regarding the efficient usage of Keywords, AdWords campaign, AdWords listing, etc.
  • Google App Certification Program - Google Apps Calender Exam - has been designed for the IT professionals who are involved in selling, deploying, administering, and supporting Google Apps. These certifications include three categories: Google App Certification Administrator, Google App Certification Deployment Specialist, Google App Certification Sales Specialist.