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Certification: CCDE

Certification Full Name: Cisco Certified Design Expert

Certification Provider: Cisco

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CCDE Certification Exam

400-007 - Cisco Certified Design Expert v3.0 Exam

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CCDE Certification Info

Cisco CCDE is Cisco Certified Design Expert. It is also known as CCDE design expert course. This course is designed to recognise expert knowledge of network design in individuals. The main aim of the course is to ensure that network design principals and theories are taught in the infrastructure level.

Exam information forCisco CCDE:

We will now discuss some of the exam information that one must have before they appear for Cisco CCDE exams:

  1. Cisco CCDE consists of both a theory paper and a practical paper that the candidates must clear in order to get certified.
  2. The candidate must have at least seven years of job experience and a deep knowledge of networking infrastructure in order to ensure that they clear the exam.
  3. The exam is an advanced level one and it really tests the knowledge of the candidates.
  4. If you want to enrol for the CCDE course you do not need to clear any other formal certifications.
  5. The written exam of CCDE is for two hours. It basically covers the principals and concepts of advanced networking infrastructure design. Once you clear this you can move to the practical exam.
  6. The code for the CCDE written exam is 352-001 CCDE exam. The exam will test the candidate's knowledge of internetworking theories, design principles, routing protocols.
  7. The CCDE practical test is an eight hour long exam. The exam will test the ability of the candidate to manage, create and identify advanced solutions for networks that run on a large scale.
  8. The practical exam has four sections and each section has 25 to 35 questions. These questions are scenario based. There is a one hour lunch break given making the total time to clear thus exam nine hours.
  9. The practical exam must be cleared within three years of clearing the written exam. If you don't you will have to give the written exam all over again.
  10. Another point that you must keep in mind is that the first lab attempt after clearing the written exam must be within eighteen months.
  11. The CCDE exams are held on specific dates. These exams are held in centres across the world. These centres are called the Pearson professional centres or PPC. If you want to appear for this exam then do contact the centre located closest to you.
  12. The CCDE certifications are valid only for two years and after that you will have to re certify yourself. This must be done before your certification expires.
  13. If you do not clear the recertification your employer will be notified accordingly. The status will be suspended and you will have to clear the CCDE exam in a year's time.
  14. You can take practice exams before you go in for the main exam.
  15. The results can be viewed online in forty eight hours but the actual results take about ten days to come.

Benefits of Cisco CCDE:

We will now list some of the many benefits of doing Cisco CCDE course:

  1. Cisco CCDE is closely monitored by Cisco this is exactly why it is one of the most reputed courses that you can enrol for.
  2. The industries across the globe use networks that are extremely complex. The candidates who have do this course have high demand in the job market.
  3. The candidates who have cleared this exam show very deep knowledge in designing, planning and optimization of the networks at infrastructure level. They show an edge over their competitors and easily move ahead in their careers.
  4. The employers give high value to the candidates who have the CCDE certification and are ready to pay a good salary to these candidates.

Expert review

I was working as a networking professional for some time. I wanted to improve my knowledge on the subject. I had heard a lot about Cisco CCDE course so I enrolled for it. I had to put in a lot of hard work and study the subject matter well. However, I found the course very interesting and also cleared the written exam. Clearing the practical exam took two attempts. It did give a huge boost to my career

Terry Aiken, Level 4 Network engineer, Empower Consultancy Services Inc.