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Certification: CCIE Service Provider

Certification Full Name: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Service Provider

Certification Provider: Cisco

Exam Code: 350-501

Exam Name: Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR)

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CCIE Service Provider Certification Info

Exam information

The Cisco Certified Internetwork expert is undeniably the most prestigious and challenging of all networking certifications. It is the ultimate test of your networking skills that takes you to the expert level in cisco networking. It is one of the most difficult certifications to earn in the IT industry. You can easily command a higher pay and advancement in your career by achieving a CCIE certification.

This exam targets expert SP network engineers having the knowledge and skills to build a resilient service provider infrastructure delivering managed services.

CCIE makes professionals experts. This certification endorses senior service provider networking professionals who implement, troubleshoot, and optimize Cisco service provider IP next-generation networks The CCIE Service Provider Certification confirms that you have the expert-level knowledge and skills to build an extensible service provider infrastructure to deliver rich managed services.

Although there are no formal prerequisites for CCIE Service Provider neither are there any required certifications to pass, it is highly encouraged that you have advance understanding of the topics in exam blueprints and three to five years of job experience before attempting this certification.

As with other CCIE tracks, you are required to pass a written exam and a lab exam. The 2-hour written exam and an 8-hour lab exam will test you skills and knowledge of service provider networks and next-generation IP networks.

Written Exam v3.0

To prepare for the CCIE service provider written exam, you need expert level skills and knowledge as a Service Provider network engineer to implement, troubleshoot, and optimize Service Provider technologies coveringIP over DWDM, Packet over SONET, GE/10GE, BGP, IGP Routing, LDP, MPLS and MPLS TE, Multicast, HA, QoS, and Layer 2 and 3 VPNs.

This exam covers the following major topics:

  1. Describe, Implement, Optimize and Troubleshoot Core IP Technologies
  2. Describe, Implement, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Access and Edge Connection Technologies
  3. Describe, Implement, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Remote Access Technologies
  4. Describe, Implement, Optimize, and Troubleshoot L3VPN Technologies
  5. Describe, Implement, Optimize, and Troubleshoot L2VPN Technologies
  6. Describe, Implement, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Managed Services Traversing the Core
  7. Describe Service Provider Network Implementing Principles

A two-hour written exam has 90 to 110 multiple-choice questions. You are required to answer each question before moving on to the next one. The overall exam score and the passing marks will be reported on a scale of 300-1000. Cisco hasn't disclosed actual passing scores. However, the scores will be displayed on the screen before you start the test.

Lab Exam v3.0

Lab Exam Environment

You can consult a Cisco documentation CD in the lab room. However, you should have knowledge of common protocols and technologies. You cannot rely on the documentation CD alone. The documentation can be navigated using the index because search function is disabled. No outside reference materials are allowed in the lab room. You must also report any suspected equipment issues and problems to the proctor during the exam. No adjustments can be made once the exam is over. Therefore, you must check the equipment and report any or all problems to the proctor immediately.

Lab Exam Grading

There is a specific criterion for each question in the lab exam. Proctors grade and award points ensuring that all the criterion are met accordingly. They use automatic tools to gather information from the routers to perform certain preliminary evaluations, but a trained proctor does the final grading and determine correct or incorrect configuration.


Results are announced online. You need to login to your account to review lab exam results within 48 hours. Results are marked pass/fail and the failing reports show major topic areas where additional study or preparation is recommended. In other words, the report will show you the topics where you lacked the required knowledge and skills.

Reevaluation of Lab Results

You can pay for the reread of your exam. Rereads allow a second proctor to load your configuration into a rack to re-create the test and re-score the entire exam. Rereads are available for CCIE routing and switching, and service provider tracks.

You can also order a review that requires a second proctor to verify your answers and any application system-generated debug data saved from your exam. Reviews are available for all CCIE tracks.

This exam covers the following major topics:

  1. Implement, Optimize and Troubleshoot Core IP Technologies
  2. Implement, Optimize and Troubleshoot Access and Edge Connection Technologies
  3. Implement, Optimize and Troubleshoot L3VPN Technologies
  4. Implement, Optimize and Troubleshoot L2VPN Technologies

CCIE Service Provider certification is a specific track that endorses your skills in implementing, verifying and troubleshooting service provider networks. One of the most difficult and rewarding certifications, CCIE server provider track enhances your career and takes you to the zenith. The rewards and salaries are numerous.

Expert review

In my view, CCIE service provider track is a bit easier than routing and switching and other CCIE flavors, however, the rewards and salary packages are similar to CCIE routing and switching or CCIE security.

Albert Dwayne Johnson - Career Advisor - RM Career solutions Inc.