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Certification: JNCIA-Junos

Certification Full Name: Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Junos

Certification Provider: Juniper

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JNCIA-Junos Certification Info

Books I referred for my JNCIA-Junos certification

Juniper Networks Certified Associate (JNCIA) - Junos is the certification program designed for Network professionals to start their career with Junos software and juniper products. This is an entry-level certification which helps you to continue with advanced level certifications in the track of Junos certification. The certified candidates will get knowledge and skills on Juniper Networks with Junos OS, fundamentals of networking, routing and switching.

The exam code for this certification is JN0-102. JNCIA-Junos certification exam is a fast paced exam with 70 computer based multiple choice questions for 90 minutes. The score will be displayed immediately after the exam on the screen, and the current passing score is 70%. The exam is administered by Pearson VUE centres globally for USD 125$. No prerequisite certification is needed to take this certification exam.

The recommended training offered by this course are:

  • IJOS - Introduction to Junos Operating System
  • JRE - Junos Routing Essentials
  • Web based e-learning on Networking Fundamentals

The instructor-led training course provides the essential study materials and additional resources for the exam. Study materials is also available in pdf format on the juniper website The book I referred to undergo this exam is 'Junos OS for Dummies', Dummies/Wiley publishing written by Walter Goralski, Michael Bushong and Cathy Gadecki. I also referred to the Day One books on Exploring Junos CLI, Deploying QoS and configuring Junos basics and policies. Day One Guides helped me a lot in my preparation, since it provides clear explanations, line-by-line instructions, tips and shortcuts to handle Junos products.

The topics to be covered to clear this examination are as follows:

  • Networking Fundamentals: This topic provides the knowledge on identifying the functions and concepts of networking elements. It also includes the broadcast and collision domains, Functions of Router, Functions of Switches, Ethernet networks, Optical networks such as SONET and OTN, Addressing and address resolution of Layer 2, Fundamentals of IPV4 and IPV6, IP addressing and subnet masking of Layer 3, Supernetting and Subnetting, conversion from Decimal to binary, difference between connection oriented and connectionless protocols.
  • Fundamentals of Junos OS: This topic offers the skills on identifying the functions, benefits and concepts of core elements of Junos OS. It includes Product families and general functionalities of Junos devices, Software architecture, Forwarding and control planes, Packet forwarding and Routing Engine, Protocol daemons, Transit traffic and Exception traffic processing.
  • User Interfaces: This topic provides the knowledge on identifying the functions and concepts of User Interfaces on Junos. It includes the functionalities, modes, navigations and help of CLI, Filtering Output, difference between the configuration active and candidate, Reverting to the previous configuration, modification and management of configuration files, View, Compare and load configuration files, and the core functionalities of J-Web.
  • Configuration Basics of Junos: This topic provides the knowledge on identifying the key elements needed to configure the devices of Junos. It includes Factory and default state, User accounts, Login classes, Initial Configuration of Junos, Various Methods for user authentication, Various types and properties of Interfaces, Configuration groups, Initial configuration of NTP, syslog, SNMP and other elements, Configuration archival, Logging and tracing.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Junos: This topic provides the knowledge on identifying the methods available for monitoring and maintaining the devices of Junos. It includes Monitor and Show commands, Statistics and errors in Interface, Network tools like telnet, SSH, ping and traceroute, Real time Performance Monitoring - RPM, Installation of Junos OS, software upgrades, Power on and shut down steps for Junos devices, recovery of root password, procedures for maintaining Junos devices.
  • Routing Fundamentals: This topic provides the knowledge on identifying the basic functions and concepts of routing in Junos devices. It includes the concepts of packet forwarding, Routing tables, difference between Routing and forwarding tables, instances of Routing, Route preferences, Advantages of Static and dynamic Routing.
  • Routing Policy and the Firewall filters: This topic provides the Skills on identifying the functions and concepts of routing policy and filters of firewall on Junos devices. It includes Default policies in routing, importing and exporting routing policies, Policy effects on routing tables, terms and structures of policies, concepts of firewall filters, Policy and filter match types, actions and match criteria, filter effects on packets, Unicast RPF.

The topics listed above are subject to change. Visit the juniper networks website regularly to get current course contents. General view on the topics helped me to complete the exam successfully.

JNCIA-Junos certification will be valid for two years. Recertification is attained by passing the current JN0-102 exam before the certification life-time period. Practice test can be taken to test your knowledge and it helps you to identify the topics you need to concentrate further.

Iren Markovic, Engineer, Ximar Inc.