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Certification: JNCIP-ENT

Certification Full Name: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional ENT

Certification Provider: Juniper

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JNCIP-ENT Certification Exam

JN0-649 - Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional (JNCIP-ENT) Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

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JNCIP-ENT Certification Info

How to get a good score in JNCIP-ENT

JNCIP-ENT (Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional) certification is provided by the Juniper Networks Company. This certification requires the candidates to pass a written exam under exam code JN0-643. This certification has been designed for the professional network engineers of Juniper Networks, who possess advanced-level knowledge regarding the Juniper Networks Junos OS, enterprise routing & switching technologies, platform configuration & troubleshooting expertise. JNCIP-ENT certification has two-year validity.

JNCIP-ENT exam topics include:

  • OSPF
  • IP Telephony Features
  • BGP
  • Layer 2 Authentication
  • Access Control IP Multicast
  • Ethernet Switching
  • Spanning Tree

These exam-topics are designed following the course-contents that are suggested by some advanced-level training courses - such as, AJER and AJEX - instructed by erudite mentors. It is essential to take those training courses to make a good score in the JNCIP-ENT certification.

Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER)

This 3-day long course has been designed to acquaint the candidates with the required tools and techniques to implement, monitor, and troubleshoot the components of Layer-3 in an enterprise network. Moreover, the course includes comprehensive learning on OSPF, BGP, multicast, class of service (CoS), etc. It costs $2,100.00 or 2100 Training Credits.

Following this course, the students are expected to learn about the Diverse link-state advertisement (LSA) types of OSPF; LSAs flooding in an OSPF network; SPF (Shortest-path-first) algorithm; Area types, operations, configuration of OSPF; Routes summarizing & restricting process; Application of routing policy & configuration options to manage various scenarios & enterprise development; Fundamental BGP operation & attributes; Route selection procedure for BGP, attribute modification and transform process; Routing policy implementation for inbound & outbound traffic applying BGP; Advanced CoS required environments; CoS components and functions; CoS processing and CoS defaults on SRX Series & Services Gateways; Application of CoS features in the enterprise environment; IP multicast components, traffic flow, addressing works; Significance of RPF (Reverse path forwarding) in multicast; Role, versions, configuration and monitoring issues of IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol); Common multicast routing protocols identification; RP (rendezvous point) discovery options; Configuration and monitoring of Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), SM (sparse modes) and RP finding method; Essentials, ranges, configuration and monitoring of SSM (source-specific multicast); Function of IGMPv3 (Internet Group Management Protocol version 3) and PIM-SM in a SSM implementation.

Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching (AJEX)

This two-day advanced-level training course provides the candidates comprehensive instruction on the chapters including: virtual LAN (VLAN) operations, monitoring & troubleshooting issues regarding the EX Series Ethernet Switches, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), class of service (CoS), VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (VSTP), Layer 2 networks authentication & access control issues, IP telephony features, etc. This course applies EX Series of Ethernet Switches of the Juniper Networks for providing the practical knowledge. It costs $1,400.00 or 1400 Training Credits.

Following this course, the students are expected to learn about the Filter-based VLAN implementation Restriction of traffic flow in a VLAN; Dynamic VLAN registration management; Layer-2 traffic passage through Ethernet networks; Objectives and implementation method of spanning tree in a network; Application of spanning-tree for a VLAN; Advantages end-user authentication implementation; Functions, configuration and monitoring of diverse access control features and relevant processing considerations; IP telephony deployment features, scenarios, configuration and monitoring; Objectives, features, basic operations, configuration and monitoring of CoS; Fundamental troubleshooting method; General issues that disrupt network operations; Tools identification to apply in troubleshooting of a network; Application methods of the available tools and techniques to resolve and manage the network issues.

Both the AJER and AJEX courses have been designed on the basis of the Junos OS Release 12.2R1.8. The facility of hands-on labs enabled me to gain useful experience in configuration & monitoring of the Junos operating system, monitoring device, protocol operations, etc.

To get a good score in the JN0-643 exam candidates need to follow the exam-topics included under the above mention training courses that will lead them towards successful completion of the JNCIP-ENT certification.