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Certification: MTA: Database Fundamentals

Certification Full Name: Microsoft Technology Associate Database Fundamentals

Certification Provider: Microsoft

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98-364 exam will retire on June 30, 2022.

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MTA: Database Fundamentals Certification Info

What is MTA Database All About?

The MTA Database Administrator course is designed for two groups of people. Firstly, it is designed for those who want to become Microsoft database administrators. Secondly, it is designed for those who want to become Microsoft database developers. The database administrators are those who do routine maintenance work, as well as strategic management work, on databases. The database developers, on the other hand, are those who create the databases in the first place. They are also the ones who develop the interfaces (such as data entry screens and applications) for the databases, whilst at the same time undertaking the necessary tweaking and optimization of the databases.

In full, the program is referred to as the MTA Database Administrator Fundamentals Course. This is actually a course that you need to take, if you are keen on eventually becoming a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or a Microsoft Certified Database Developer.

Key things that you learn in the MTA Database Administrator Fundamentals course

It is worth remembering that the MTA database administrator course is meant for even people who have had absolutely no interactions with databases, at the technical level. So it starts with an introduction to the concept of relational databases. Once one is introduced to the relational databases, they are taught about queries. Then one moves on to study about stored procedures. After studying about stored procedures, one is taken through training that revolves around the ever crucial issue of database security.

Specific topics in the MTA Database Administration Fundamentals course

There is, of course, the 'getting started' topic, where one gets to know what the course is all about, and what the objectives of the course are.

Then there is the topic on the different varieties of databases, a topic where flat-file, hierarchical and relational databases are discussed.

The next topic focuses on relational databases specifically, with the structure of such databases, and the components that go into the making of such databases being extensively explored.

Moving on, the person undergoing the MTA database administrator fundamentals course is introduced to data types, with the next topic being an exploration of the SQL language. This particular topic is followed by another one on SQL server management studio.

One then moves on and into the bolts and nuts of database administration: with the beginning point being in the form of a topic on the creation and utilization of tables. This is followed by another topic on the creation and utilization of 'views'. That in turn is followed by a topic on the creation of stored procedures.

Beyond the creation of stored procedures, one encounters a topic on basic queries. Building on the knowledge acquired within this topic, one is then taken to another topic that focuses on 'complex conditions'.

Once one is conversant with the complex conditions, they move onto a topic on queries that have a multi-table scope (these being, essentially, the complex queries). This is followed by a topic on the modification of data. Then after having mastered the modification of data, one is taken onto a topic that focuses on the normalization of databases.

The next topic, after the one on the normalization of databases, is that which deals with keys and constraints. This is, quite naturally and logically, followed by a topic on indexes.

One then moves onto the next theme area: this being the theme area of database security. Here, the first topic is simply entitled 'security'. This is followed by the topic on database backup and recovery. One then goes on to encounter a topic on the continual maintenance of databases.

Ways in which you can undertake the MTA database administration fundamentals course

One way in which you can undertake the MTA database administration fundamentals course would be through online study. This can be specifically administered through videos (under an audiovisual training model) or through text-based notes. Another way in which you can undertake the MTA database administration fundamentals course would be by purchasing textbooks where the topics in the course are covered, and going through such books. What is important, in the final analysis, is solid mastery of the course contents: to a level where you can actually apply them in practical database development and practical database administration work.