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Certification: PfMP

Certification Full Name: Portfolio Management Professional

Certification Provider: PMI

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PfMP Certification Exam

PfMP - Portfolio Management Professional Exam

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PfMP Certification Info

PfMP stands for Portfolio Management professional. The aim of this certification is to see that the skills of the portfolio managers are adequate. The candidates who have done this course can successfully manage more than one portfolio and help in the growth of the organisation. The certification is granted by the PMI (Project Management Institute). PfMP can be taken up by any portfolio manager who wants to improve their skills.

Exam information for PfMP

We will now discuss some exam information that you can use about PfMP:

  1. The first thing that you need to understand is how you get the eligibility to apply for PfMP exam. You must have experience in portfolio management of at least seven years to get into the course. This experience must be within the last fifteen years. This is applicable for those candidates who have completed a high school diploma.
  2. If you are a bachelor degree holder then for doing PfMP you must have completed at least four years of experience as a portfolio manager in the last fifteen years.
  3. All candidates who apply for PfMP must have eight years of professional business experience. PfMP is a very extensive course and you must have sufficient knowledge to take up the course.
  4. You can apply for PfMP exams in the latter half of the second quarter in 2014.
  5. PfMP credential holders need to get 60 PDUs in every three year cycle.
  6. You can refer to a lot of online materials and books in order to get a better guidance on PfMP exams.
  7. Apply and logon to the official website of the PMI as a first step.
  8. You will be given a PfMP handbook once you register with the PMI. Refer to these and it will help you prepare better for the exams. The handbook contains all the details that you may need to know about the exams.
  9. To get certified you will also have to clear the panel review.
  10. PfMP exam contains of 170 questions that are multiple choice type.
  11. Even if you have a lot of experience you must seriously prepare for the exam. Do not take the exam lightly. Study the materials well.
  12. You can refer to people who have completed PfMP exams to get a better guidance.
  13. You can apply for a formal study course to face this exam these courses are provided by (REPS) registered education providers recognised by the PMI. Try to locate the REP closest to you and start preparing for PfMP.

Benefits of PfMP

The many benefits of PfMP course are listed below:

  1. It will add a lot of value to your profile and make you more confident.
  2. It will help you to stand out of the crowed and impress your managers.
  3. It will help you to understand the portfolio management better and also help you to do your job better than others.
  4. Many employers are looking for candidates with PfMP certification. This will ensure that you get a lot of jobs and make it big in your career.

Expert review

I was working in portfolio management for ten years. I had learnt a lot from my job. I was of the opinion that you do not need any additional training as your job is the best training you can get. However, I was wrong. I started to notice that some of my colleagues who joined much after me were able to do the job much better than me. I was slowly becoming less important in the organisation. This is when I read about PfMP. I took up the course and I realised that there was so much more that I needed to know about portfolio management. After completing the course I started to slowly implement all that I had learnt. My seniors noticed the difference. I could perform better than the new joinee cause apart from PfMP I also had ten years on experience. Today I am much more satisfied as far as my job and my position in the organisation is concerned

James Shires, Portfolio management officer, Bank of America, Dallas.