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Certification: Six Sigma Lean & DFSS

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Six Sigma Lean & DFSS Certification Exam

LDFSS - Six Sigma Lean & DFSS Exam

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Six Sigma Lean & DFSS Certification Info

Founded by Motorola in 1986, Six Sigma is a set of tools, processes, and techniques for business process improvements. It accomplishes this by identifying, correcting, and removing the causes of process defects and then decreasing the negative variables within the manufacturing and business processes.

The Six Sigma term is coined from the terminology related to the manufacturing industry. Specifically, the terminology related with the statistical modeling of the processes in manufacturing. The maturity of a manufacturing process can be defined by a sigma rating, which indicates its return or the percentage of the defect-free products that are created by the manufacturer. A six sigma process simply means a process where 99.99966% of the manufactured products are expected to be free of all defects (0.00034% defect rate).

About DFSS

The Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) consists of the 5 phases outlined below:

  • Definition of design goals consistent with customer demands and the enterprise strategy.
  • Measure and identify characteristics that are Critical To Quality (CTQ's). This includes risks and production process capabilities.
  • Investigate andcreate design alternatives to make improvements
  • Design a better process alternative that is best suited for the task. This is taken from the analysis in step 3 above.
  • Validate the new design, set up pilots or test-beds, implement the new process and submit this to the process owner(s).

Six Sigma Lean & DFSS certification information:

The six sigma DFSS program varies from institution to institution. Most programs use a combination of classroom instruction, online courses, and practical application studies, with quizzes and exams used throughout the course of the program. See your higher learning institution program of choice for more details.

Generally speaking, upon completion of the Six Sigma Design for Sigma (DFSS) Certification program, students should be able to:

  • Develop Design Scorecards Gain a deep understanding of the (DFSS/DMADV) methodology, techniques, and tools.
  • Assess the capabilities of an improved product design
  • Exhibit implementation planning practices
  • Understand when to use DFSS as opposed to other process improvement methods.
  • Apply various techniques to properly scope out projects
  • Understand the key roles for projects
  • Implement benchmarking
  • Develop and design and process pilot simulations

The benefits of becomingSix Sigma DFSScertification include the following:

  • Increased ability to lead teams in the creation of new processes, services, and products in order to gain higher performance levels.
  • The capability to lead teams in revamping existing services, processes, and products in order to gain higher performance levels
  • The capability to gather customer requirements in detail and translate those requirements into new process designs.
  • The capability toassistwith ground-breakingnew projects, while creatinginnovative new designs for processes, services, and products that are implementedperfectlyfrom the start.

Expert Review

I was not sure that six sigma was right for me. I already had a four year University degree and was not too keen on going through another program, but in today's competitive business environment I knew I had to stay ahead of the competition. Boy I am glad I went the extra mile. It has opened up all kinds of doors for me professionally. I now have a new job with a great company, and the fact that I am a six sigma DFSS certified professional impresses my peers and business associates. I gain instant respect from others, and that has given me the confidence to operate my job functions at a high level.

Joseph A Cooper, Senior Process Analyst at Worldwide Tools.