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Where can i get a replacement of my GED certification?

Certification: Test Prep GED - General Education Development

The GED certificate has helped many dropout students boost their education and employment opportunities, is recognized by educators and employers worldwide since 1942. The GED test is changing by passing times, the new program; GED 20/20, due to its arrival in 2012, there was increase in the number of GED test takers and recipients who are looking to experience other educational choices. For the past 60 years getting the GED certificate was easy, but now one have to undergo several steps to get your GED certificate and if in this situation you lost your GED certificate or need a replacement for your GED certificate, it is not difficult but there is no standardized process to order a replacement or duplicate GED certificate. Each state of education has its own procedure and they vary to a great extent. In some states, copies of the GED documents can be had from the institution you take your GED test. The process of finding the right office or agency is difficult but if you find out the rest process is easy.

Instructions to replace the GED certificate

  1. You should contact the organization where you give your GED test (for e.g., an adult education program at a high school or vocational school). In most cases, the institute will replace the GED certificate, if not they will guide you to the person or agency that will replace the certificate. In case you don’t know the institute where you take your test, get in contact with your state education department.
  2.  Get the request form to replace your GED certificate. In some states, It’s very simple, you have to download the form from an institute website, while, in some states you have to request the paper form through mail or by phone or by writing a letter requesting to replace your GED certificate.
  3. You should provide all the requisite information that is required in the form or the letter. You should give your fu name, date of birth and your social security number, which you gave during your GED test completion. If there is any difference then mention that too along with your compete mailing address and your phone number. Sometimes, there is small processing fee that is payable through check or money order and you should attach a self addressed stamped envelope that is large enough to have the certificate without folding. After attaching all the necessary documents along with the form mail the form or letter to the mentioned address, and you will have your replaced GED certificate.

Instructions for requesting a transcript or your duplicate diploma

  1. Student should contact the state that is responsible for the administering the GED test. The GED offices of the state department of Education have a request form on their websites, or you have to submit a written request on the office with all your details such as name, date of birth, social security number, the year in which you too your test and the state or country in which you took the test. The request should be signed by you authorizing the state office to release your GED test score or your diploma.
  2. The required payment should be enclosed with your request for the transcript or duplicate diploma. The payment for the request varies from state to state, while some states provide the transcripts and diplomas for free. So before submitting the request you should look for the full details.
  3. You should enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope with your request with the address where you need your copy of transcript or the duplicate copy. You should follow the steps that are provided in your sate of education site that conducts your GED program.
  4. If you need any help in getting your transcript copy, you should visit the American Council of Education. A tool on the site will help you find your location where you too your test. It will provide you the address and other information for the test site where you can look for getting your transcript copy or replacement.

Instructions for requesting duplicate copy of GED certificate

  1. Contact the test center where you too your test, in case you don’t remember the state from where you take the test or you moved from that location, you can go online and visit the GED test center where you too the test. The location can be find out by visiting Enter "Find a Testing Center" and enter the state's zip code. Request for the records must be sent to the specific country or state where you have taken the test.
  2. You can ca you mail for the request of you duplicate copy or the replacement of your certificate directly to your testing center. Most of the state education department charges minima amount for the copy. You should enquire about the fee and other details in advance before sending the request.
  3. After the submission of your request you should wait for seven to ten days for the arrival of your GED certificate online. The duplicate copy of the replaced GED certificate cannot be faxed.

The process of having a duplicate copy or a replacement of the original GED certificate the overall process is same with a slight difference. Even then also you are having trouble in finding out the where to order the GED certificate again, you can try calling local organizations that provide GED tests or cases. Be persistent and eventually you will get to know where to start from. To avoid further tensions and hassles, you should keep the record from where you ordered you extra copy of replacement or the duplicate copy of your GED certificate, and keep that copy safely to avoid future problems.