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Certification: FORKLIFT

Certification Full Name: Forklift Operator Certification

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FORKLIFT Certification Exam

FORKLIFT - Forklift Theory Exam

Getting a FORKLIFT certificate is an ultimate requirement for operating forklift at the workplace. FORKLIFT test preparation teaches candidates about the safe use of a forklift, avoiding incidents and injury on the job. FORKLIFT certification is based on a written test and a practical driving/ forklift operation test taken with an instructor.

Test-King helps you pass the FORKLIFT written exam by providing you real exam multiple choice questions that cover a variety of aspects of forklift operation, including movement of the forklift itself, parking, tilting, loading the materials, pedestrian safety, workspace safety and more. As Test-King provides the latest FORKLIFT exam questions, 99.8% of our customers pass their FORKLIFT exam from the first try.

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FORKLIFT Certification Info

Necessary Skills to Pass the Forklift Training Theory Exam

The forklift is treated as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) in most countries and despite their usefulness can be a dangerous type of vehicle to be around. Any forklift driver is required not only to be properly licensed, but be formally trained in its operation following some kind of certification after competing and passing the forklift training theory exam. Such an examination is offered in most states in the USA under the auspices of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Most companies who operate forklift trucks make it a mandatory requirement that the driver is suitably certified, and for any forklift driver it is sensible that he has passed some form of training program and has passed the relevant test in both forklift theory and practice, to enable the safe and accident free operation of the vehicle. In order to ascertain the necessary skills to help pass the Forklift training theory exam it is best to read on and gain an insight as to what to expect in the examination. And practice tuning up your necessary skills required to pass the exam.

Typically the certification program for any forklift driver will comprise both a written test and a driving test, with the written part of the exam often being referred to as the theory test and a pass score of 80% being required to satisfy the training instructor of the necessary competence.

The written paper covers all of the aspects of forklift operation and is presented in the form of multiple choice questions, separated into several sections. The questions are basically designed to assess that the forklift truck driver is fully knowledgeable about the safety aspects of driving the vehicle, the movement of the vehicle often in relatively confined spaces, and to bring about an awareness of just how dangerous a forklift truck can be in unskilled hands with the potential to cause injury to other workers.

Further questions are related to the details of the actual movement of the forklift including the lifting and positioning of heavy loads with the front forks, how to tilt the load when driving up and down ramps, and the correct parking procedures for the truck when not in use.

Listed below are a few of the necessary skills required to pass the forklift theory exam.

It goes without saying that the driver should be conscientious in his attitude to the company being worked for, and have a full working knowledge of the safety aspects and dangers associated with the vehicle being used. The following are a few of the driving necessary skills required.

  • Skills associated with having the knowledge relating to which direction the front forks should be positioned when driving up or down a ramp along with knowledge of correct parking procedures. It is also advised that the skills include full knowledge about maneuvering the truck, such as having to turn on a ramp, or cope with turning the forklift into a narrow corner while already traveling down a narrow aisle.
  • Study of the safety aspects associated with forklift truck driving, and the questions posed in the written theory exam will certainly assist in learning the necessary skills to pass the exam. Safety aspects are probably the most important in the whole written paper. Prepare and think about such aspects as when to use the forklift horn, how to cope with vision being blocked by the size of the load on the front forks, or even how to handle getting the truck and load over a bumpy surface.

Many of the necessary skills can be anticipated and in some instances it may be possible to memorize the answers in advance. However the design of the written theory paper will include questions posed in a putative manner to assess how a variety of driving situations would be dealt with, so search around the web, brush up your learning skills and test yourself as to how you would cope with the following situations among others.

How would you maneuver the truck to cope with being faced with a large oil spill on the floor in front of the truck? for example.