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BICSI Certifications

  • RCDD - Registered Communications Distribution Designer


  • RCDD - Registered Communications Distribution Designer

BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) is a professional global association that serves the information technology systems (ITS) industry through provision of information, learning and knowledge assessment for IT professionals and companies. It's headquarter is located at the Tampa, Florida in the USA. BICSI take over the responsibility of the free services delivered by the AT&T in 1984 in the USA and assisted the ITS industry in developing and designing structured cabling system maintain apposite quality and standard, for example, ANSI/EIA/TIA 568B, etc. BICSI has flourished it's services worldwide and includes nearly 100 member countries. It certifies IT professionals, who can prove the required proficiencies.


BICSI offered several professionals certifications on specific expertise regarding information technology systems (ITS) design or installation.

  • DCDC improves the knowledge of the professionals regarding multifaceted data center design.
  • ESS certification makes the IT experts proficient in the field of electronic safety, security design, etc.
  • OSP certification demonstrates expertise of the IT professionals on the Outside Plant design.
  • RCDD certification enhances the expertise of the professions in designing, integrating and implementing ITS with the related infrastructure mechanisms.
  • RITP certification has been designed for the ITS instructors, educators, management, sales personnel, etc to improve their design experience regarding the ITS.
  • RTPM certification targets the ITS professionals, who want to extend their expertise in the industry.

ICT Cabling Installation Program produces highly proficient cabling installers who would assist the telecommunications cabling industry. These programs enable the professionals in performing site surveys, pulling cable /wire and evaluating copper and optical fiber cable maintaining the highest standard.