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  • GB0-323 - Constructing Enterprise-level Switching Networks

H3C Technologies Co., is a premierinternationalmerchant of IP-based products as well asan excellence of technical innovations. It is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. It's advanced R&D divisions placed in Beijing and Hangzhou in Chinahas invented around 4000 patents - 85% of which were originally invented patents- up to 2013. H3C is an ancillary company of the technology giant HP Company.

H3C has recently acquired a leading position in the LAN switch as well as enterprise router markets of the China. H3C has achieved the secondtop-most position in the worldwide networking market along with HP.


H3C offers a range of IP products, services and solutions, such as,network security, routers, intelligent management software, LAN switches, WLAN, etc. To facilitate the WAN, cloud computing, virtualization, MAN, data center, LAN, etc., H3C manufactures a seriesNGIP concept-basedsolutions.


H3C offers the foremost certification system of China regarding the professional & authoritative network technology complying with the international standard thatserves the international market.These certifications disseminate comprehensive knowledge about the network technology.

H3C certifications have been designed for the networking professionals and engineers who are interested to verify their theoretical and practical knowledge and proficiencies regarding networking issues. These certifications would enable the networking professionals to perform as efficient network management personnel.

Furthermore, these certifications would allow the candidates & certified individuals to get the most recent technologies offered by H3C and attain the H3C-sponsored events and conferences.

Some major certifications offered by H3C are:

  • H3C - H3C
  • H3CIE - H3C Certified Internetworking Expert
  • H3CNE - H3C Certified Network Engineer
  • H3CS - H3C Certified Specialist
  • H3CSE - H3C Certified Senior Engineer
  • H3CTE - H3C Certified Troubleshooting Expert