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Magento Exams

Magento is an open source web application that deals with e-commerce. It was launched on March 31 in 2008 under the brand-name Bento. Varien developed this application along with the programmers and inserted it to the open source community. Magento was developed applying the elements of the Zend Framework. It has applied the entity-attribute-value (EAV) database model to store data. W3Techs projected that Magento was applied by 0.9% internet-users in November 2013.

Magento officially started it's further development initiatives in early 2007. Magento released it's first public beta version on August 31, 2007. Later, Magneto was acquired by eBay Inc. and now Magento is operating as a division of eBay.


Magento Certification Exams intend to develop proficient IT professionals who want to advance their career with the ultimate Magento credential.

  • Magento Front End Developer Certification is provided to the professionals who would work along with the back end developers for implementing the new features Magneto or perform feature customizations. The main responsibility of these developers is to upgrade the user interface (UI) and the existing functionality.
  • Magento Developer Certification has been designed for the experienced developers who are interested in validating their real-world proficiencies through Magento applications. Magento credentials enable the developers to achieve the skills of a professional Magneto developer.
  • Developer Plus Certification is offered to the IT professionals who are involved in higher-level software development. The Magento Certified Developer Plus professionals possess the expertise in the application of the Magento Enterprise Edition. They delve into the comprehensive structure of Magento to make further development of Magneto applications.