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Scrum Certifications

  • PSM I - Professional Scrum Master I
  • PSM II - Professional Scrum Master II
  • PSPO I - Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Scrum Exams

  • PSM I - Professional Scrum Master I
  • PSM II - Professional Scrum Master II
  • PSPO I - Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Scrum is a comprehensive framework for developing, maintaining, and delivering products in complex environments. Quite often this framework is used to manage software development or other knowledge-related work in areas such as advanced technology, marketing, sales, or research.

So, at this point, Scrum methodology is a set of clearly defined roles and practices that should be involved in the product development process.

Certification Program

Created by the Professional Scrum Trainer Community,, and Ken Schwaber, the accreditation program helps professionals understand how to create high-value software with a higher level of flexibility using Scrum methodology.

Thus, a number of professional Scrum certifications are available to candidates that cover different areas of Scrum methodology application.

  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM) accreditation track to verify the candidate’s knowledge of Scrum and capacity to apply it in practice at fundamental, advanced, and distinguished levels. So, you can achieve the PSM I designation (understanding of key Scrum concepts), PSM II (advanced understanding of Scrum principles), and PSM III (deep understanding of Scrum and the Scrum Values practices and application) certificates.
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) certification program that consists of three levels to comprehensively assess the candidate’s expertise in Scrum Product Ownership.
  • Thus, the PSPO I (fundamental comprehension of the Scrum framework), PSPO II (advanced understanding of Scrum framework and its role), and PSPO III (distinguished level of Product Ownership expertise) qualifications are available here.
  • Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) accreditation that covers various techniques and practices related to building complex software utilizing Scrum and this designation testifies the ability to work as part of a Scrum Team.
  • Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) qualification verifies that the candidate can scale Scrum and work with the Nexus Framework to solve the tasks set. This designation is a mark that you possess in-depth knowledge of how to use agile practices and scaling tools to cooperate various Scrum teams to achieve a common goal, and that you are proficient in using Nexus to operate scaled software as well as product development.
  • Professional Scrum With Kanban(PSK) certificate demonstrates that its holder is able to apply Scrum with Kanban for supporting value creation, delivery, and measurement. This designation testifies that you are skilled in such areas as Agile Metrics, Kanban Practices, and The Scrum Framework.
  • Professional Scrum Agile Leadership (PAL) certification is designed for applicants who want to be real leaders and are ready to prove their confident understanding of how flexibility adds value to one’s business, what leadership means, how Agile practices are essential to make organizations more agile. These certified professionals are able to support agile teams on their way to achieve organizational agility to demonstrate their better performance.
  • Professional Agile Leadership – EBM certification is aimed at real leaders with an in-depth understanding of an empirical approach, how it works and helps organizations to continuously grow and perform better. For this, it proves your skills to implement agility by setting a goal, choosing measures to achieve it, implementing hypotheses to define improvement opportunities, testing these hypotheses, and using the obtained results for further improvement.
  • Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU) certificate is intended for specialists who understand how to integrate actual UX practices in Scrum and effectively work as part of a Scrum Team to boost value creation & delivery.

Training Options

Also, Professional Scrum Training programs are offered to all interested candidates. The certificate vendor believes that the qualifying exams offered are difficult to obtain a passing grade without sufficient preparation. Therefore, an appropriate training course is designed for each accreditation pathway. At the moment, most of them are conducted online and are available in many languages.Moreover, you can choose the right program at the right time of the day for you, as well as practice with a particular instructor.