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Certification: ACSS-3105

Certification Full Name: ACSS - Avaya Communications Server 1000 for Avaya Aura

Certification Provider: Avaya

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ACSS-3105 Certification Info

Certification Overview

ACSS-3105 is also referred to as "ACSS - Avaya Communications Server 1000 for Avaya Aura". This certification came into being in order to provide the support specialists with a good amount of knowledge and skills for dealing with Avaya Communications Server 1000. This certification aims to provide the world with highly qualified and certified individuals who will be able to maintain and administer Avaya Communications Server in an outstanding way. It uses a rare combination of courses and exams to test the actual credibility of the candidate. The final certification will only be issued to those professionals who will be able to demonstrate high proficiency in all the areas of this certification.

Who can do this Certification

This certification welcomes all those people who are looking forward to work with Avaya Communication Server 1000 and pursue their career as its administrators and maintainers. It would be great if these people have a good amount of experience as well because that will prove to be very helpful for this certification. However if they don't, this certification brings some amazing courses which will teach them the whole process from scratch and build up their base. Indeed, this certification is an amazing opportunity which will provide the candidates with an unforgettable experience.


The benefits brought along with this certification are not less. After being certified, these people will find themselves on elevated job positions as Avaya Communication Server 1000 administrators, managers, technical supporters and even implementers. Such diversity in the type of jobs with just one certification is amazing. With this certification in your hand, you should not expect to learn less than $50000 a year.

Associated Exam

There are two different paths to do this certification. The first one involves two courses and is basically designed for beginners. The second one comprises of only one course and is meant for people who have some experience with Avaya Communications Server 1000. However, there is only one exam in both these cases which must be cleared as a mandatory requirement of this certification. The exam which has to be taken followed by these courses is "Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Maintenance Exam". The content of this test will be mostly based on the materials the candidate learns in the courses prior to this exam.


This certification enjoys a basic to intermediate level difficulty. It does not require advanced or technical skills by the application. However, it does demand certain basic skills which the candidate must have. The candidate should be familiar with the basic process of administration and management of various systems and products. He should know how to deal with customers and entertain their requests and complaints. Furthermore, he should also know the basics regarding different hardware devices and their uses and should know how to operate different operating systems. Some experience in this field is highly preferred.

Examination Overview

Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Maintenance Exam

The exam with be home to some basic as well as some technical questions. However, most of them will lie under the domain of Avaya Communication Server 1000. The key areas of competency for this exam include these.

  1. Knowing product features
  2. Installing required software and hardware
  3. Monitoring
  4. Implementation of Avaya Communication Server 1000
  5. Maintenance of Avaya Communication Server 1000

The most integral topic in this exam is the fifth one, maintenance of Avaya Communication Server 1000. It will test if the candidate is capable enough to maintain the product in a good way after it has been installed. This will require the applicant to learn about all the precautions he will have to take so that there is no harm to the system. The weightage of other four topics is almost the same. The candidate should expect more than 65 questions in the test.

The exact duration of this test would be 1 hour and 45 minutes. This time frame is fixed and no extra time will be provided under any circumstances. The candidate should expect to see multiple-choice questions in the exam. There are plenty of online resources available at your disposal which will help a lot.

Validity of the Certification

The applicant needs to know that this certification will not remain valid forever. There is a fixed time frame of 2 years after which the certification will become void. The process of recertification would have to be approached after this time if the applicant wishes to extent this duration.

Expert Review

The great thing about this certification is that it is open to beginners as well. This is a good chance for then to learn some skills which will accompany them for a life time. Considering the worth of Avaya Communication Server 1000, this certification is indeed a masterpiece which will allow the candidate to increase his worth. This is surely one great certification which is recommended to all the support specialists looking forward to boost their careers.

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Munich, Germany.