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Avaya Sales & Design Credentials

ACIS (Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist)

  • ACIS-6202 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Contact Center
  • ACIS-7120 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Core Components
  • ACIS-7140 - ACIS - Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications
  • ACIS-7392 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite
  • ACIS-7594 - ACIS - Avaya Solutions Platform
  • ACIS-7720 - ACIS-7720 - Avaya IP Office Platform
  • ACIS-7750 - ACIS - Avaya IP Office, Contact Center

ACSS (Avaya Certified Support Specialist)

  • ACSS-3000 - ACSS - IP Office Platform
  • ACSS-7220 - ACSS - Avaya Aura Core Components
  • ACSS-7240 - ACSS - Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications
  • ACSS-7492 - ACSS - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite
  • ACSS-7694 - ACSS - Avaya Solutions Platform
  • Unified Communications
    • ACSS-3105 - ACSS - Avaya Communications Server 1000 for Avaya Aura
    • ACSS-3107 - ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise

Avaya Exams

  • 6210 - Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam
  • 71200X - Avaya Aura Core Components Integration
  • 71400X - Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Integration
  • 72200X - Avaya Aura Core Components Support Exam
  • 72400X - Avaya Equino Solution with Avaya Aura® Collaboration Applications Support Exam
  • 7392X - Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Implementation Exam
  • 7492X - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support
  • 75940X - Avaya Converged Platform Integration
  • 76940X - Avaya Converged Platform Support
  • 77200X - Avaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration
  • 7750X - Avaya IP Office Contact Center Implementation and Expanded Configuration Exam
  • 7765X - Avaya Workforce Optimization Select Implementation and Support Exam
  • 78200X - Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam

Avaya Inc. is ainternationalsupplier of business communicationsas well as collaboration systems. It's headquarters are locatedat Santa Clara, Californiain the United States.

The company provides the following service:

  • Unified communications (UC) and Avaya Aura® architecture abridges complex communications networks, lessens infrastructure costs, etc.
  • Avaya Aura® Contact centersdevelop a single and integrated customer queue, despite diverse the presence of media or modality.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) solves communications challenges.
  • Video products collaboration services (integrated hardware, software, etc.)
  • Networking (routers, switches and other networking hardware).


Several major technologies offered by Avaya include:

  • Agile Communication Environment combines Unified Communications capabilities with business applications.
  • AUDIX provides voice messaging platforms
  • Auto Detection Auto Configuration networking protocol configures the traffic for IP phones.
  • Auto Unit Replacement permits replacement of any switch in the stack without rebooting the stack.
  • Avaya Energy Saver (AES) decreases the power consumption in the ethernet equipments without harming the traffic flow.
  • Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST) Stacking permits up to eight Avaya ERS series switches to function as a single switch along with up to 1.1 Tbit/s stacking performance.


Avaya sponsors a range of certifications and training designed for the IT Professionals who deal with Avaya products and technologies. Avaya credential program has been divided into five-levels. These certifications provide a massive scope to the professionals to enhance their proficiencies in the IT field starting from the entry level to reach the specialist level competence. The certifications from the highest level are: Avaya Certified Solutions Architect (ACSA), Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS), Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist, and Avaya Professional Design Specialist.