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Certification: ACSS-3107

Certification Full Name: ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise

Certification Provider: Avaya

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ACSS-3107 Certification Info

Certification Overview

The complete name of this certification is "ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise". As the name says, this certification has been basically made to provide the candidates with the appropriate information to install, control, maintain and manage Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise. This certification takes extra pains to make sure that what it delivers is of high quality and helps in enhancing the expertise of the candidates. In this regard, it makes use of many credible courses and exams to make sure that the candidate gets the best out of this unique experience. At the end of this certification, you will find a beginner turned into a credible administrator and manager of this product.

Who can do this Certification

This certification is open for experts as well as beginners. The beauty of this certification lies in taking the candidate as a beginner and turning him into a credible professional. In this aspect, all of those who have a will to work with Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise must make use of this certification in every way possible. Avaya products are used all over the world and are admired to a great extent. This certification is indeed the best way to learn the administration and management of one of Avaya's best products. People who wish to have their future in the management and maintenance of this product should definitely consider this certification.


It is true that Avaya is one of the most famous companies around the world. People who are associated with Avaya in any way have got a bunch of opportunities open for them. This certification is of great value to many companies as they are looking for those credible support specialists whom Avaya have certified itself. These people can take the jobs as Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise support specialists, technical managers, technical supporters, administrators and maintainers. The median salary earned by people doing these jobs is higher than $55000 annually.

Associated Exam

There is simply one exam associated with this certification. It cannot be taken prior to taking all the required courses for this certification. Once the candidate chooses his desired path to take the courses and completes them, he becomes eligible for this mandatory exam. The exam is titled as "Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise Exam". The level of this exam will be intermediate, although it will be testing some deep concepts which lie under the technical domain.


This certification requires the candidate to have some technical knowledge regarding Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise. He should know regarding the basic tools and equipment necessary to set it up. He should be able to manage the network connections for it. Furthermore, he should be able to manage and control various accounts on the system. He should be familiar with the concept of security and how to make use of it in the process. Furthermore, he should also be able to find out solutions to different issues and should entertain the requests of the customers in a decent way.

Examination Overview

Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise Exam

This exam is of high significance to obtain the certification. It will be dealing with the technical domains of all the topics under consideration. Following are the topics which the candidates should concentrate on.

  1. Setting up tools and equipment
  2. Manage physical connections
  3. Configure all the required settings
  4. Install required software
  5. Manage ways to monitor the system

These topics just give a glimpse of the exam structure. There are various sub-topics which come under the heading of these topics. The applicant should focus more on the ways to manage and monitor the system as it will be tested the most. He should be familiar with different ways of managing and setting up security for it. For example with the help of camera, alarms etc. Moreover, each topic will entertain around 10-12 questions for varying difficulties.

The exam will be carried out online for 105 minutes. This time duration is fixed and the questions will already be submitted once the time is over. The number of questions is the exam will be around 70, and will be mostly multiple choice ones. The candidate should prepare well if he holds the wish to clear this exam.

Validity of the Certification

It is essential to note that this certification will not remain valid for an unlimited period of time. It will expire 2 years after it is issued to the candidate.

Expert Review

All the users of Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise have got a unique chance in the form of this certification. They should note that only few people are able to clear this certification and if they are one of them then their future is extremely bright. This certification is really a unique one with a lot to learn.

Drake Singer, IT Professionals

Munich, Germany.