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Certification: CWAP

Certification Full Name: Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

Certification Provider: CWNP

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Certification Prerequisites

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CWAP Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is also referred to as "Certified Wireless Analysis Professional". This is one of the top certifications by CWNP which aim at providing the best wireless networking knowledge and skills to the candidate. This certification makes its main purpose to provide the best wireless LAN knowledge and skills to the candidate to enable them to successfully analyze, troubleshoot and optimize Wi-Fi networks. It is important to note that this certification is of an advanced level and demands some advanced networking skills by the candidate. Individuals certified with CWAP will be able to analyze and troubleshoot any type of wireless network without any external help or assistance.

Who can do this Certification

Only professional individuals who have the required prerequisite skills and have a good amount of skills can do this certification. The reason for this restriction is the technical aspect of this certification which only experienced network specialists will be able to understand. This certification makes sure that the candidate understands all of the frame structures and is able to use various tools effectively. Once a person does this certification, he will be able to perform very difficult and complex tasks related to wireless network analyzing and troubleshooting. In fact, CWAP is the perfect and comprehensive guide to enable these network professionals to deal with any form of wireless LAN with ease.


The versatility and high scope of this certification is what makes it so unique and beneficial. People who become acquainted with this certification get the chance to have a job as Wireless LAN analysts, troubleshooters and optimizers in very reputable companies. There is no restriction on which company can the candidate work in as this is a universal certification with a worldwide scope. They even tend to get extremely high salaries which help them boost their incomes.

Associated Exam

Even though the certification is of an advanced level, there is still only one exam which needs to be taken which is titled as "Certified Wireless Analyst Professional - CWAP exam". The topics which lie under the domain of this certification are related to Wireless LAN analyzing, optimizing and troubleshooting. However, the topics will be technical and will require good concepts by the candidate. The candidate could prepare well for this exam by taking the official CWAP training class.


The foremost requirement of this certification is to earn the credential "CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator". A candidate cannot opt for this certification before completing this required credential. Apart from this, there are certain other essentials for this certification as well. The certification is looking for those candidates who will be able to apply their knowledge in the real-world situations and will get good outputs. In this regard, the candidate should be familiar with all the basics of Wireless LAN and should be able to manage and troubleshoot networks to some extent. These skills are a very integral part of this certification as it will build up on these skills and take them to a higher level.

Examination Overview

Certified Wireless Analyst Professional - CWAP exam

The exam will comprise of a number of topics with their respective weightages based on the requirements. The examination will related to the following competency areas.

  1. 802.11 Physical Layer Technologies - 5%
  2. Spectrum Analysis - 15%
  3. Frame Formats of 802.11 MAC Layer - 20%
  4. Troubleshooting and Analysis of Protocol - 20%
  5. Frame Exchanges and Operation of 802.11 - 40%

As it is evident from the above list, the greatest emphasis is laid on the topic of 802.11 frame exchanges and operation. Furthermore, the analysis and troubleshooting of protocols is also very important. The candidate should be able to assess everything on his own and then proceed accordingly. The best way to score good marks in this exam is to solve some sample questions given on the official website.

The exam will be allocated a duration of 2 hours. The questions will be Multiple Choice ones and will require the candidate to choose only one option. The total number of questions in this exam is 60 and the candidate needs at least 70% marks to clear the exam.

Validity of the Certification

The certification will stay valid for a considerable amount of time. Once this certification is acquired, it will start to count towards the next certification in the series.

Expert Review

This is one of the most advanced certifications of CWNP. It makes use of advanced networking techniques to equipped the candidates with the best skills and enable them to perform the best. The widespread score of this certification is what makes it so different and unique.

Paul Thomas, The unified experts

Bavaria, Germany.