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Certification: CWDP

Certification Full Name: Certified Wireless Design Professional

Certification Provider: CWNP

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Certification Prerequisites

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CWDP Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is also known as "CWDP - Certified Wireless Design Professional". This certification has been initiated to train network professionals to design impeccable Wireless LAN networks. The scope of this certification is universal and it enables the certified people to work for any company around the globe and design Wi-Fi networks for them. This certification lies under the category of CWNP certifications and is of great worth and value. Furthermore, this certification is of an advanced level and is intended for professionals who have been working in this field since a long time.

Who can do this Certification

This certification can be done by those people who have a good deal of experience in this field. These network specialists will get the privilege to learn a lot of new things regarding Wi-Fi networks. They will be taught the most modern and successful techniques to design Wi-Fi networks which are impeccable in every aspect whether it be security, architecture or design. The knowledge which these professionals gain during this certification will help them in their further certifications as well and will make their base. It is highly recommended for those people who wish to pursue their careers in the designing of Wi-Fi networks.


The greatest benefit of CWDP certification is its high scope which provides the candidates with the opportunity to work with numerous companies all over the world. There is a high demand or Wi-Fi network designers who are credible enough. People certified with this certification fill this gap and are entitled to highly rewarding jobs as Wi-Fi designers in respectable organizations. Companies are ready to hire these certified individuals at high salaries as well, approximately more than $70000 annually.

Associated Exam

The name of the exam which is linked with this certification is "Certified Wireless Design Professional - CWDP Exam". This is the only test which will have to be cleared to gain this certification. However, the candidate is expected to have taken the required courses and primary exams required for this certification beforehand. Once all other credentials have been met, then the candidate will be allowed to take this exam.


The most fundamental requirement for the candidate is to complete the CWNA certification before taking this one. CWNA certification will grant the necessary skills to the candidate to do this certification. It is evident that this certification is of a high level and requires some basic knowledge by the candidate, either formal or informal. The applicant should be aware with Wireless LAN technology fundamentals. He should have worked with networks for at least 4 years. Furthermore, he should have a tendency to be innovative and take risks. He should be able to pick out the problems in the system and repair them on his own. It is important to realize that this certification is very difficult and requires utmost dedication by the candidate.

Examination Overview

Certified Wireless Design Professional - CWDP Exam

This is a detailed exam which will be hosting a number of advanced topics. The list of the topics with their respective weights is written below.

  1. Planning of Network - 10%
  2. Design of Infrastructure - 10%
  3. Strategies for designing Enterprise WLAN - 25%
  4. Security Design of 802.11 - 5%
  5. Design of WLAN RF - 20%
  6. Troubleshooting of Design - 5%
  7. Advanced Site Surveying - 25%

This long list of topics demonstrates the versatility of this certification. This exam has a well distribution of all these topics. However, it can be seen that the highest weightage is given to the topics of designing Enterprise WLAN and Advanced site surveying. It would be beneficial to the applicant if he considers doing the high-weightage topics in a good way by understanding the concepts deeply.

As far as the structure of this test is concerned, it will contain 60 questions which will comprise of many choices. The candidate will have to choose the most suitable answer for each question from list of options given. The minimum percentage required to clear this exam is 70%.

Validity of the Certification

This certification tends to remain valid for as long as there is no certification which will replace this one. There is no official expiry date mentioned up till now which means it will stay valid for a good amount of time.

Expert Review

CWDP certification is one of those certifications which do not have any restriction. It tends to take the candidates to great heights and provide them tons of opportunities. This is the perfect way to become a professional Wi-Fi designer.

Lisa Paul, The technicians

Rennes, France.