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Certification: CWNT

Certification Full Name: Certified Wireless Instructor

Certification Provider: CWNP

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Certification Prerequisites

Certification Notation

There are several requirements to get CWNT Certification:

  • First of all you need to have CWNA certification with exam pass score more than 80%;
  • Pass the appropriate level exam withwith exam pass score more than 80%;
  • Have a minimum of 12 months of documented training experience in IT industry;
  • Have at least one of the following technology training certifications, such as: CompTIA CTT+, Microsoft MCT, Novell CNI, JEB Level 3 Certificate, Cisco CCNI or CCSI, College or University Professo or Current certification as an instructor by any branch of the Armed Forces.
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CWNT Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is known as "Certified Wireless Network Trainer Certification". As evident from the name, this is an advanced level certification aimed at those professionals who are looking forward pursue their career as CWNP certification trainers. If you are looking for a path to be a certified instructor of these certifications, this is the best way to go about. This certification certifies that the candidate has all the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake this challenging task. The expertise which the candidate gains during this certification enables him to master the skill of wireless network training.

Who can do this Certification

Those who wish to pursue their careers as CWNP certification teachers are most welcome for this certification. They have got a bright chance to become associated with this amazing series of CWNP certifications as an instructor. These people have got the chance to choose any one of the certifications which CWNP offer and then start teaching that after meeting all other requirement. However, there is some kind of experience in the field of teaching as well as in the field of wireless networking that the candidate must possess.


It is true that only CWNP certified trainers who have got the CWNT certifications are eligible to teach related certifications to the candidates. There is a high demand for CWNP certification trainers due to their increased popularity. This means that those who possess the CWNT certification will be eligible to prestigious jobs as wireless networking trainers. They will receive salaries much more than any professional in this field, generally above $70000.

Associated Exam

It remains at the total discretion of the candidate that which certification's trainer he wishes to become. The candidate has a choice to choose one from CWTS, CWNA, CWSP, CWDP and CWAP certifications. Once he chooses the certification, he will then have to take the associated exam with that certification. Furthermore, the candidate should be able to get at least 80% marks in the exam he chooses in order to clear it.


This advanced level training certification demands some background skills and achievement by the candidate. The candidate is supposed to have an experience of at least 1 year in an advanced wireless networking field. Furthermore, he is also required to have a 1 year experience as an instructor in any IT related field. This is required to ensure that the candidate is able to provide high-quality training to the candidates and is credible enough. He should also have a good deal of knowledge regarding the field he has decided to teach in, whether it be administration, security, maintenance or analysis.

Examination Overview

It depends on the candidate that which certification he wishes to teach and take the exam related to it. However, following is a list of the topics from which he can choose the field in which he wishes to teach.

  1. Administration
  2. Security
  3. Wireless network design
  4. Analysis

Each topic comprises of a list of sub topics under them. The candidate can choose any one of the topic and take the related exam. It is important that he works hard and studies all the concepts in depth because he will have to get an unusually high score of 80% in order to clear the test as a trainer.

The exams will be based on multiple choice questions. The number of questions that the candidate will face is 60. He should get at least 48 of them correct to clear the test.

Steps involved in the Certification

The scope of this certification is somehow different from other ones. It requires some special steps which the candidate must take if he wishes to acquire the certification.

Following are those steps.

  1. Acquire a 12 month experience in any IT related field.
  2. Acquire a 12 month formal teaching experience in classroom.
  3. Show the documented experience with the relevant dates
  4. Clear one of the tests from CWNA, CWDP, CWAP, CWSP and CWTS certifications with at least 80% score.
  5. Fill and submit the form.

These steps must be done in the designated order. Furthermore, all of the steps must be done.

Validity of the Certification

This certification will remain valid for a life time. However, once the exam which the candidate took is updated, he will have to apply for recertification and take the updated exam again.

Expert Review

This is a very unique form of certification. It focuses on bringing out the best CWAP certification trainers in the world who will be highly admired. All those who are looking forward to be credible trainers in any of the wireless networking field must do this certification.

Amber Arthur, The Center of Technology

Munich, Germany