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Certification: CWSP

Certification Full Name: Certified Wireless Security Professional

Certification Provider: CWNP

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Certification Prerequisites

Certification Notation

CWSP-205 exam will retire on October 31, 2019.

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CWSP Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is also known as "CWSP - Certified Wireless Security Professional". Those who are considering working with wireless networks in the domain of security must consider this certification. This certification tends to make the candidate familiar with the basic and advanced concepts of security related to Wireless LAN networks. This certification makes its priority to deliver the candidate with the most up dated and modern techniques which will enable them to work with any wireless LAN in the world.

Who can do this Certification

The increased use of Wi-Fi networks all over the world has raised many concerns relating to its security. This certification caters to every aspect of security of Wireless networks and goes a step further to deliver the best security experts to the world. This is the best choice for those network engineers or managers who are looking forward to pursue a professional career in Wi-Fi security management. This is a certification of an advanced level which will turn these people into professionals. In fact, this certification is the perfect path to take if one is thinking about having a professional career in this field.


The benefits of this certification can be judged from the fact that colossal number of Wi-Fi companies around the world are in desperate need of security professionals. This has given rise to a lot of job positions for certified individuals who have done this certification. Once an applicant acquires the CWSP certification, he becomes entitled to jobs with an average salary of $98000 each year. Furthermore, the skills which the candidate gains during this certification will accompany him for a life time.

Associated Exam

There is just one exam which is directly related to this certification. This exam is known as "Certified Wireless Security Professional Exam". However, before the candidate can take this exam he has to go through a number of other steps as well. This exam is in fact the last step in this certification. The candidate must clear this exam with the desired score to clear it. However, if the candidate fails, he will have to take the exam again.


This advanced level exam demands certain essential requirements which the candidate must meet. Before the person decides to do this certification, he has to make sure that he has acquired the CWNA certification and cleared it exam. This certification is of a basic level and tests the knowledge of the candidate regarding basic wireless networking. In addition to this, the candidate needs to have an experience of at least 3 to 4 years in any related IT field. This is quite important as it makes sure that the applicant has got all the basic and fundamental skills which form the base of this certification. The courses related to this certification also must be taken and completed.

Examination Overview

Certified Wireless Security Professional Exam

There are 5 topics which form the fundamentals of this exam. The exam will host questions which will test if the candidate has thorough knowledge regarding these topics. Following are those topics.

  1. Prevention of Wireless Network Attack
  2. Monitoring and Management of security
  3. Security Design
  4. Security Architecture
  5. Devising Security Policy

The exam will put a heavy emphasis on the topics of Security Design and Security Architecture. The questions will check if the applicant knows how to define various security methods and implement them. The questions will check the concepts in depth and will go a step further to make sure that only the most deserving candidates clear the exam.

The exam will have 60 MCQs. Each question will have a number of options from which only one choice will have to be selected. This is a proctored exam which will be held in Pearson testing centers. The minimum score required by the candidates to clear this exam is 42 out of 60. Once the applicant has marked a question, he will not be allowed to return to it. Furthermore, marking more than one question will allow that questions to be cancelled.

Validity of the Certification

There is a fixed time duration for which this certification will remain valid. The certification will stay valid for a time of 36 months. After this time, the applicant will have to recertify by taking the updated exam.

Expert Review

As much as there is a demand for Wi-Fi networks, there is an equal demand for people who could define the security of these networks. There is a great opportunity for CWSP professionals to grab the top job notches in the market. I would like to recommend this certification to all those who wish to start a professional career in this field.

Paul Thomas, The unified experts

Bavaria, Germany.