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Certification: CWTS

Certification Full Name: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

Certification Provider: CWNP

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CWTS Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is also known as "Certified Wireless Technology Specialist" certification. The audience for this certification is those IT professionals who wish to move towards the field of Wireless Networking. In reality, this is a basic level certification which is the best way to opt for the field of Wireless LANs. It takes individuals from different IT fields and turns them into Wireless Network experts. This is achieve by the unique curriculum and courses involved in this certification which enable these professional people to build a base regarding Wi-Fi Networks. Owners of this certification have the liberty to choose any field of specialization after this.

Who can do this Certification

Although it seems to be a basic level certification, it still requires the candidates to be previously involved in IT fields and have some working experience as well. This certification covers the essential concepts relating to wireless networking. Note that even though this is a basic level certification, it does not act as a base or a requirement of any other CWNP certification. This certification can be thought of as a step to prepare oneself for a successful career of Wireless Networking ahead. It actually provides a glimpse at the promising field of Wireless Networking.


This certification was made keeping in mind the need for more Wireless Network supporters. People equipped with CWTS can go for jobs as wireless network specialists and supporters. The amazing fact regarding this certification is that even though it is of a basic level, it enables you to earn more than $50000 annually. In addition to this, those who wish to improve further in this field and specialize by taking more certifications, CWTS will provide them with all the basic and necessary skills they require.

Associated Exam

There is merely one exam which fulfills the task of assessing the candidate from all aspects. The exam which has to be cleared is named as "CWTS PW0-071". Like all other CWNP exams, this will also host multiple choice questions. There is no other requirement of this certification. The candidate just needs to take all the courses and then give this exam. Please note that there is no restriction on the number of times you can take this exam; although after you fail twice you will have to wait for 5 days before taking it again.


CWTS certification does not ask for many prerequisites since it is a certification of a rather basic level. However, what it asks for is an experience in any related IT field for at least 2-3 years. This is required to make sure that all the basic skills regarding networks are known by the candidate. In addition, it would be preferred if the candidate has some extra knowledge regarding networks through a formal or informal source of education. Most importantly, this certification asks the candidate to take all of the courses related to this exam, wither through virtual classrooms or physical ones.

Examination Overview

CWTS PW0-071 Exam

There are 6 fundamental topics which make up this exam. Fluency in every topic is essential. The topics are listed below.

  1. Knowledge of basic Wi-Fi Technology
  2. Related Hardware information
  3. Installation
  4. Radio Frequency Concepts
  5. Security
  6. Related Software information

As it is evident, the exam covers a range of topics ranging from having basic knowledge to the installation of the system. However, the topics will not be tested in depth and the questions will be of a rather basic level. The most emphasis is laid on the topics relating to hardware and software information as they lie under a comparatively technical domain. All other topics roughly carry the same weight.

This exam will be conducted for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It will be a proctored exam which will be held in Pearson testing centers. Questions will be multiple choice ones and will count to a total of 60. The passing score for this exam is 70%, which means that at least 42 out of 60 questions should be correct. There is a strict examination policy which must be read and understood before opting for this exam.

Validity of the Certification

This certification comes along with life time validity. This means that once you have got this certification, it will be associated with you forever.

Expert Review

CWTS is the perfect certification for starters. It employs the best techniques that build the base of the candidate. It must be done by those people who are totally new to this field of Wireless Networking as it provides a broad overview of all the topics and fields related to it.

Jessi Bandler, Technology rulers

Massachusetts, USA