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Certification: ITIL CSI

Certification Full Name: ITIL Continual Service Improvement

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL CSI Certification Exam

ITILSL-CSI - ITIL Service Lifecycle Continual Service Improvement Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL CSI Certification Info

ITIL CSI stands for the continuous service improvement module of ITIL. The main aim of the CSI is to train the candidates in such a way that they can improve the efficiency of the IT services. You can join ITIL CSI if you want to improve your knowledge in the IT service management area. To be eligible for ITIL CSI you must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You must have at least two years of professional experience in IT service management sector.
  2. You must have completed the foundation certification of ITIL. You will have to provide these certifications before you join the training.
  3. You must try to solve a few sample exam papers in order to be better prepared for the exam.

ITIL CSI can be taken up by the following professionals:

  1. IT consultants
  2. IT security managers
  3. Service test managers
  4. ITSM trainers can also take this course
  5. Managers and team leaders can also take it up
  6. IT audit managers

Exam information for ITIL CSI

There are a few training institutes that have been accredited by the AXELOS to conduct the training and exams. Ensure that you join these institutes only for training. Try to look for one near your area. Some information that you must have before you try for the exam are:

  1. The question paper consists of eight questions. The questions are multiple choice ones and are scenario based. If you select the best option you will get a five and the score will reduce as you go on selecting less suitable options.
  2. The passing mark is seventy percent at least. The paper is for forty marks so you must get twenty eight at least.
  3. The exam is not an open book one and you will not be allowed to refer to any other material. There will a supervisor to ensure this during the exam.
  4. During the exam you will not be allowed to use any electronic equipment.
  5. The exam is an online exam held only by the accredited institutes.
  6. The total time you will get to complete the paper is 90 minutes.
  7. Try to refer theITIL continual service improvement manual 2011 publication before you take the exam.
  8. ITIL CSI training is for three days. After the third day training the candidate has to take up the exam.
  9. At least twenty hours of personal study must be put in before the exam is taken up.

The candidates are trained and tested in the following eight areas:

  1. Challenges, critical success factor and risks
  2. Technological considerations
  3. A basic introduction into continuous service improvement
  4. The principles of continual service improvement
  5. The processes involved in continual service improvement
  6. How to organise continual service improvement
  7. The methods and techniques used in continual service improvement
  8. How to implement the continual service improvement

Benefits of ITIL CSI

There are many benefits of doing ITIL CSI. We will list some of them in here:

  1. This is the intermediate level of ITIL and thus will pave the way for you to enter the expert level of ITIL.
  2. The certification that you get post the exam has an international acceptance.
  3. The course can create better management abilities.
  4. Many employers prefer managerial candidates with ITIL CSI experience. Some employers are training their managers on ITIL CSI as it ensures that the knowledge base of the organisation improves
  5. The implementation of the CSI policies can reduce the chances for errors in the process. This leads to a much improved customer satisfaction.

Expert review

I had completed my ITIL foundation level some time back and wanted to improve my knowledge in this field. What could have been better than an ITIL CSI?Soon after I completed the course I was able to prove my competency by adding value to the job that I was doing. Looking at my abilities the management decided to promote me. ITIL CSI did give my career the boost it needed.

Barbara Williams, Quality manager, CSG Global infrastructure services, Greater New York City area.