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ITIL Certifications

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Intermediate Level

  • Service Capability
    • ITIL OSA - ITIL Operational Support and Analysis
    • ITIL PPO - ITIL Planning, Protection and Optimization
    • ITIL RCV - ITIL Release, Control and Validation
    • ITIL SOA - ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements
  • Service Lifecycle

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

  • ITIL MALC - ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL Expert Level

ITIL Master Qualification

ITIL Exams

  • ITIL Practitioner - ITIL Practitioner
  • ITILEX-MALC - ITIL Expert Managing Across the Lifecycle
  • ITILFND - ITIL Foundation
  • ITILFND V4 - ITIL 4 Foundation
  • ITILSC-OSA - ITIL Service Capability Operational Support and Analysis
  • ITILSC-PPO - ITIL Service Capability Planning, Protection and Optimization
  • ITILSC-RCV - ITIL Service Capability Release, Control and Validation
  • ITILSC-SOA - ITIL Service Capability Service Offerings and Agreements
  • ITILSL-CSI - ITIL Service Lifecycle Continual Service Improvement
  • ITILSL-SD - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Design
  • ITILSL-SO - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Operation
  • ITILSL-SS - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Strategy
  • ITILSL-ST - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Transition

ITIL (The Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of practices designed for IT service management (ITSM) that aims to align the IT services with business-needs. ITIL emphasizes on the ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000) and International Service Management Standard for managing IT service.


ITIL Foundation Level certification is the primary level qualification that provides candidates a general knowledge regarding the key elements, conceptions and terminologies applied in the ITIL Service Lifecycle, including the linkages between Lifecycle processes, the methods applied for efficient Service Management practices.

ITIL Intermediate Level is an industry-recognized qualification that is formed of a modular structure and every module bears a different focus. The Intermediate modules broaden the knowledge level from the Foundation level.

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle certification focuses on the key concepts of service lifecycle, service lifecycle management, implementation & improvement of service management aptitude, communication & stakeholder management, integration of service management processes through the service lifecycle, governance & organization, etc.

The ITIL Expert certification scheme offers a modular approach for the ITIL framework with diverse module combinations, to the candidates who aim to expand their career at an expert level. In this scheme, the candidates can choose particular areas of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. The wide ranges of modules allow the candidates to modify their individual qualifications portfolio according to their requirements.

ITIL Master Qualification Certification demonstrates the capability of the professionals to utilize the principles, processes and techniques of ITIL along with relevant management techniques in their respective workplaces. This certification is not limited in a fixed course outline; rather, the candidates would learn a wide range of issues. It has no prescribed training course; as the theory differs depending on the situation that every candidate chooses to address.