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Certification: ITIL ST

Certification Full Name: ITIL Service Transition

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL ST Certification Exam

ITILSL-ST - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Transition Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL ST Certification Info

Certification Overview

Another popular certification from ITIL family is ITIL® Service Transition Certification. The certification is suitable for professionals involved in management and control of Service Transition.

ITIL SO certification is designed for professionals desirous of having a recognized qualification that shows their competency in service transition and related processes. These professionals help organizations to manage their operations more efficiently and increase the quality of Service Transition. The certification is suited for a multitude of professionals - CIO, CTO, Team Leaders, Designers, Planners, Architects, Service Managers, Audit Managers and even trainees in different departments. To put it briefly the qualification is suited for all professionals involved in the service life cycle and integrating traditional activities with the modern lifecycle. It helps enhance the quality of IT services in the organization.

Examination Information

As In the case of other certifications, the first step is to procure the application form, duly fill it and submit it. The total numbers of questions that have to be answered are only 8 and the nature of the examination is gradient based and multiple choice questions. The best answer commands 5 marks, the second best 3 marks, third best 1 mark and the wrong answer no marks at all. To be considered as pass' a candidate must score a minimum of 70% marks. This means that a candidate should score a minimum of 28 marks. The maximum time for the examination is 90 minutes. In the case of candidates attempting the examination in a language other than their first language, 120 minutes are given and are also allowed to use a dictionary.


A candidate who wishes to sit for the certification exam must hold a certificate of ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and desire to advance to higher level ITIL certifications. The foundation certification is required to be presented at the time of seeking admission.

ITIL Service Transition Certification Goals

The aim of this certification is to analyze management skills level related to service design and activities related to it. A candidate is required to show competency in:

  • Planning activities for transition;
  • Improving quality of IT services
  • Enhancing service transition processes and
  • Sufficient exposure to handle service transitions.

ITIL Service Transition Certification Benefits

The demand for ITIL professionals is growing the world over. They play an instrumental role in smooth transition process. While the quality of IT services within an organization are improved the critical factors determining success are better managed. The organization is able to monitor the key performance indicators in a professional manner. The organization is better prepared for change management. For a professional the certification spells specialized knowledge which promises growth and progress.

Expert review

To put it in simple words my job involves aligning the new organization requirements with operations. The designation involves being responsible for managing capacity, resources, building and testing the production environment in a consistent environment. I am responsible for the integrity of various service assets and their configuration. The qualification has helped me move from an executive position to a senior position. I am involved in the day to day decision making and organization.

Daw Miller, IT Process Engineer, PPJ Enterprises