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Certification: ITIL SS

Certification Full Name: ITIL Service Strategy

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL SS Certification Exam

ITILSL-SS - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Strategy Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL SS Certification Info

Certification Overview

ITIL lifecycle certification course for IT professionals who aspire to specialize in IT service strategy. The certification is suited for various professionals involved in the service lifecycle. CIOs, CTOs, Managers, Supervisors, Designers, Architects, Consultants, Audit Managers, Security Managers the certification is suited for all involved in the management and coordination of activities that form a part of the Service Life Cycle.

The certification represents competency of an IT professional in formulating the service strategy while showcasing organizational skills that help realize the vision of service management in an organization. The certification has an equal focus on using technology for service strategy and management of service portfolio.

Examination Information

As In the case of other certifications, the first step is to procure the application form, duly fill it and submit it. A candidate can opt for an online examination or a paper base examination to be conducted by an accredited training organization.

The total number of questions that have to be answered are only 8 and the nature of the examination is multiple choice questions. A candidate is required to analyze different scenarios as a part of the examination. To be considered as pass' a candidate must score a minimum of 70% marks. This means that a candidate should score a minimum of 28 marks. The maximum time for the examination is 90 minutes. In the case of candidates attempting the examination in a language other than their first language, 120 minutes are given and are also allowed to use a dictionary.


A candidate who wishes to sit for the certification exam must hold a certificate of ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. The foundation certification is required to be presented at the time of seeking admission.

Service Strategy Certificate Goal

The aim of this certification is to provide stability, skills and potential to serve in the field of service strategy. The evaluation exam aims at testing knowledge and understanding of

  • Principles of service, service strategy and market spaces;
  • Strategic assessments;
  • Financial management;
  • Demand management;
  • Service lifecycle;
  • Critical factors and the associated risks.

Service Strategy Certificate Benefits

IT is an integral part of today's business. Profitability of a business is dependent on multiple factors like availability, security, dependability and performance of IT services. It requires a mature IT management system. The fact that the technology part of a business is often outsourced further complicates the matters. By involving a service strategy professional in the team an organization gains by superior resource utilization and elimination of redundant tasks. It ensures meeting the project deliverables within the stipulated time period.

Expert review

I wanted to acquire the certification for a Service Manager. I expected the certification to add to my profile. The certification has taken my knowledge and understanding of ITSM principles helping me to think about IT and services in an entirely different manner. I have been able to expand the concepts and implement the same in real life projects. The certification has allowed me to optimize business relations and technology in a better manner. My customers are much happier, so is my organization and myself.

Raymond James, IT Service Manager, TSD Software