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Certification: ITIL RCV

Certification Full Name: ITIL Release, Control and Validation

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL RCV Certification Exam

ITILSC-RCV - ITIL Service Capability Release, Control and Validation Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL RCV Certification Info

ITIL has many modules one of this module is ITIL RCV. The RCV stands for release, control and validation. This is highly recommended to those candidates who want to achieve a much better knowledge of ITIL roles and processes. ITIL RCV is also an intermediate level of ITIL.

ITIL RCV suits all those candidates who have ample experience in any of the following:

  1. Security administrator
  2. IT operations manager
  3. Database administrator
  4. Security manager
  5. Release manager

The main focus areas of this module are service transition and service operation. The course will train you in the following areas:

  1. How the processes of the release, control and validation will interact with the various other service lifecycle processes.
  2. The course will teach you the importance of release, control and validation in providing services.
  3. It will improve your knowledge on the process, methods, activities and functions of the release, control and validation processes.
  4. The course is designed in such a way that it will help you appreciate the value of release, control and validation in IT security.
  5. It will help you learn how release, control and validation can help in operational excellence.

You must have successfully completed ITIL foundation in order to be eligible for this course. You may need to show your qualification proof as you come for enrolment.

Exam information for ITIL RCV

There are accredited institutes that can train candidates to appear for ITIL RCV exams. These training institutes are called the ATO. We must say that the course is a must in order to score well in ITIL RCV exams.

  1. The course is instructor led. The training is classroom training and only limited students are taken in each class.
  2. The training is five day training and at the end of the training the candidate needs to write the exam. You must enrol for these classes in advance. The maximum students enrolled are eighteen.
  3. The training consists of work based activities. There are a lot of discussions that are taken up during the training. Sometimes case studies are also given to the candidates.
  4. ITIL RCV exam is for ninety minute. The exam is a closed book training. The passing percentage of the exam is about seventy percent. A total of forty marks questions are asked in the test.
  5. Apart from CLAssroom training you must spend some extra time for preparation of the exam. There are a lot of mock exams that you can give to be better prepared for the exam.
  6. The exam consists of about eight multiple choice questions. Each question has four options provided. You will get five marks if you chose the best option. If you chose the second best the score will be three and it will keep reducing accordingly.

Benefits of ITIL RCV

  1. This course will train you on the intricate implementation and execution of the specified ITIL processes.
  2. Once you are done with the course it will pave way to the expert level of specialization in ITIL.
  3. Once you have completed ITIL RCV course you will be able to understand better how the IT service management can be utilised for a better progress of the organisation.
  4. ITIL RCV is considered globally and across the industries.
  5. ITIL RCV will get the candidate an edge over the others.
  6. Looking at the many practical benefits of ITIL RCV many employers are investing on the same.

Expert review

After completion of my ITIL OSA I had gained good knowledge of ITIL processes. It did help me in my career too. However, I wanted to know more about ITIL processes and improve my skills. This is when I took up ITIL RCV training. In the three day training I was exposed to a total new level of ITIL. On completion of ITIL RCV I enjoyed a deeper knowledge of the subject. Now I am all set for the expert level of ITIL. I will recommend this course to all who want to gain a deeper knowledge of ITIL procedures

Samantha Johnson, IT project manager, RK Management Consultants, Minneapolis.