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Certification: ITIL PPO

Certification Full Name: ITIL Planning, Protection and Optimization

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL PPO Certification Exam

ITILSC-PPO - ITIL Service Capability Planning, Protection and Optimization Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL PPO Certification Info

ITIL PPO is the planning, protection and optimization aspect of ITIL modules. This is meant for all those who have an idea of ITIL and want to gain a deeper knowledge of the same. One special feature of this course is that four years experience in IT services is not a must you must but it is a good to have. ITIL PPO is also an intermediary level module of ITIL.

ITIL PPO can help candidates who are into:

  1. IT operations manager
  2. Applications support
  3. Security administration
  4. Change manager
  5. Availability manager
  6. Capacity manager
  7. Supplier relationship manager
  8. Service portfolio manager
  9. Security manager
  10. Business continuity manager
  11. Network support
  12. Network control and operation

The course of ITIL PPO will train the candidate on:

  1. Demand management
  2. Information security management
  3. IT service continuity management (ITSCM)
  4. Availability management
  5. Capacity management

Exam information for ITIL PPO

There are a number of ATO (accredited training organizations) that are authorised to train and take the exams of ITIL PPO. It is important that you get trained before you appear for the exam and the training must be from these recognised institutes. Check for a reliable ATO near your place.

Before you appear for the exam you must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You must have at least thirty hours of training in an ATO.
  2. One must have at least two to four years of experience in IT sector. This is not compulsory but desirable.
  3. The candidate must have completed the foundation and ITIL OSA intermediate training. You may need to present the certificates for admission into ITIL PPO training.
  4. Apart from CLAssroom training you must ensure that you spend at least twelve hours to study the course material.
  5. ITIL PPO exam is a ninety minute exam. The exam is a closed book one and you are not allowed to refer to any material. The paper will consist if forty marks and you will have to score at least 70% in order to pass the exam.

Benefits of ITIL PPO

There are many benefits of ITIL PPO we are about to discuss the same now:

  1. ITIL PPO is designed in such a way that it can help you to get the methodological knowledge that is required for the real life execution of ITIL policies and processes.
  2. The service design of ITIL PPO will help you to improve your knowledge that you have gained from the module.
  3. This qualification will ensure that you can move on to the expert level of ITIL.
  4. The certificate that you will get post ITIL PPO will be recognised globally and will help you get more recognised.
  5. ITIL PPO develops the management qualities that you will need to manage the process better.
  6. Many employers are investing on employees to get ITIL certified. This ensures that the employees add more value to the organisation.
  7. Once you are done with the course you will be able to provide better services to the customer at a more economical cost. This leads to both employee and customer satisfaction.

Expert review

I was already trained in ITIL OSA and was doing well in my job. I was once told about ITIL PPO by a friend of mine. He said that it can really add value to my career. I decided to take up the course and see what it could offer. ITIL was familiar to me and I had a good experience in IT service industry. I was amazed to see the way ITIL PPO was designed and how easily it was manageable with my job. I completed the course and was much more confident about my knowledge on ITIL. I am now looking forward to the expert level of ITIL. It feels good to be an expert in the job that you are doing. ITIL PPO has added value to my professional qualification and has given me an edge over my colleagues for sure.

Rebecca Smith, IT project manager- ITIL, Blue Bell, PA.