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Certification: ITIL SD

Certification Full Name: ITIL Service Design

Certification Provider: ITIL

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ITIL SD Certification Exam

ITILSL-SD - ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Design Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

  • ITIL V3 Foundation
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ITIL SD Certification Info

Certification Overview

Service design is an important factor for organizations in which the working is based on ITILR®. Throughout the design process continuous improvements are required in the service of the lifecycle of service management of IT. The certification is available as a free standing qualification and as a part of ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle. The module leads to one being certified as an ITIL Expert in Service Management.

CIOs, CTOs, Managers, Supervisors, Designers, Architects, Consultants, Audit Managers, Security Managers the certification is suited for all involved in Service Life Cycle. A service designer is involved in day to day activities related to the design process of services. The certification aims at testing knowledge and understanding of industry practices followed in service management.

Examination Information

As In the case of other certifications, the first step is to procure the application form, duly fill it and submit it. A candidate can opt for an online examination or a paper base examination to be conducted by an accredited training organization.

The total numbers of questions that have to be answered are only 8 and the nature of the examination is multiple choice questions. Every question will have four answers, the right choice will get 5 marks, next best 3 marks and the least best 1 mark while the wrong answer will command no marks.

To be considered as pass' a candidate must score a minimum of 70% marks. This means that a candidate should score a minimum of 28 marks. The maximum time for the examination is 90 minutes. In the case of candidates attempting the examination in a language other than their first language, 120 minutes are given and are also allowed to use a dictionary.


A candidate who wishes to sit for the certification exam must hold a certificate of ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. The foundation certification is required to be presented at the time of seeking admission.

ITIL Service Design Goals

The aim of this certification is to analyze management skills level related to service design and activities related to it. A candidate is required to show competency in:

  • Service Design - introduction, principles, processes and other activities.
  • Organizing service design processes
  • Handling technology for service design
  • Implementing and improvising service design
  • Handling risks and critical factors.

ITIL Service Design Certification Benefits

ITIL offers many benefits to the professional opting for it and organization employing such a professional. It is a flexible certification the focuses on technology. The organization benefits by employing an ITIL service designer as the designing processes are professionally managed. The design process is better aligned with the aims of the organization. A professional with the certification is able to design services that are better aligned with business requirements. It allows a professional to follow a career path that leads to growth.

Expert review

As a service designer I am responsible for the coordinating and deploying quality solutions in designing services and processes. The certification ha provided me an edge in terms of functions that I am handling and the necessary skills for the same. My team is better coordinated and the line of communication between different managers and departments much smoother. I am playing a strategic role in the company today with respect to service readiness and documentation related to it.

Cray Burt, Service Designer, Agile Services