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Certification: JNCIE-ENT

Certification Full Name: Juniper Networks Certified Expert Enterprise Routing and Switching

Certification Provider: Juniper

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JNCIE-ENT Certification Exam

JPR-944 - Enterprise Routing and Switching, Expert (JNCIE-ENT) Exam

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Certification Prerequisites

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JNCIE-ENT Certification Info

Why JNCIE-ENT is important for Network professionals?

Enterprise switching and routing has been gaining a lot of popularity and importance these days. With the importance of these sectors, the number of the certifications related to these fields has also increased. At the top of all the certifications for the enterprise switching and routing lies the JNCIE-ENT. This is basically an exam that tests how well the network professionals are when it comes to handling the situation in practical manner. The main aim of this certification is to test the deploying. Configuring, troubleshooting and managing the Junos system. This means that you will have to gain the knowledge and experience related to routing and switching techniques related to Junos system.

The big question here is why you would want to gain this certification? What is its use when it comes to network professionals? The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that almost all the Juniper certifications are important to the network professionals. These certifications give the network professionals a certain edge than their other peers or competitors. Let's have a quick look on how important the JNCIE-ENT is for the network professionals.

Proof of knowledge

The first thing that this certification shows is that the candidate has the required knowledge of routing and switching related to Junos. After all, the candidate must read books and gain knowledge about these sectors when they sit for the certification. If they have successfully achieved the certification, then it just means that the candidate has been able to successfully implement his knowledge in a real case scenario. This certification is a clear cut label about the fact that you have knowledge about the routing and switching techniques of Junos.

Proves you can work well with network infrastructure

A network professional has to know how to create, manage, troubleshoot and deploy network infrastructure. It is their job after all. If you have passed this certification, then it clearly means that you know what you are doing and can work well in any kind of network infrastructure. The JNCIE-ENT practically tests about how well you can work with multiple routers and switches. If you have received the certification then it means you are a network professional who is proficient in this field of work.

Gives extra weight to your resume

This certification will give your resume the extra necessary weight. If your employers have to choose from you (who has the JNCIE-ENT certification) and the other competitor (who does not have JNCIE-ENT), then who do you think will they choose? The answer is simple. With the extra certification of JNCIE-ENT you will prove to be much better candidate than the other competitor. This certification clearly proves that you have the knowledge, practical ability and the skills to pass the certification exam. Since, as a network professionals you need to stay ahead of all the other professionals, you need to have that certain extra edge.

Gives a chance to learn

No one is going to pass a certification exam by just sitting idly and being lazy. They need to gear up read books, practically use the Junos and sit through recommended training courses. It is the same with JNCIE-ENT certification as well. When you do all these things to pass the certification exam, then you will obviously gain more and new knowledge about the Junos. The AJER and AJEX training courses will also open a whole new door for you. The network professionals will be able to gain new knowledge and experience by preparing for and sitting through the certification examination. So, you should take this opportunity to gain new knowledge, home new skills and develop your existing ones.

All the above mentioned benefits will start to knock at your door if you plan on to sit for the JNCIE-ENT certification. So, be sure to take advantage of all these benefits and hone your skills even more as a network professionals.