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Certification: NRS II

Certification Full Name: Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II

Certification Provider: Alcatel-Lucent

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NRS II Certification Exam

NRSII4A0 - Alcatel-Lucent NRS II Lab Exam

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Certification Notation

* After passing 4A0-100 exam you will get Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I) Certification.

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NRS II Certification Info

Certification Overview

This is an advanced level certification which is also known as "Network Routing Specialist II" certification. The certification builds up on the concepts and skills taught in the NRS I certification and ensures that the candidate moves a step further. It is specifically designed for students who have a basic knowledge of network routing and are looking forward to learning some technical skills. It will endow the students with the advanced knowledge regarding IP, networking, VPN and various other protocols. It tends to broaden the skill-set of the students by providing them with the latest and technological knowledge and methods of dealing different networks.

Who can do this Certification

This certification is primarily made for those students who want to take a step further in the process of studying network routing. There are a lot of things which the NRS I certification did not teach, as it was a certification of basic level. However, this certification is for those students who wish to enrich their knowledge and are willing to opt for a career in the field of Network routing. This certification will enable them to learn the use of IRP, IP networks, layer 2 and layer 3 services in detail. Furthermore, the candidates will also be taught regarding the latest and advanced Ethernet technologies.


The increasing number of companies opting for Ethernet and IP services to provide to their customers has emerged the need for more staff capable of managing these services. Hence, there is a need for technical and highly skilled staff which is able to manage and manipulate these services according to the requirement. People who do this certification are entitled to highly rewarding jobs as network routing specialists. The salaries which they get are above $60000 a year because of the high worth of this job. This certification provides an amazing combination of good skills and consequently, good salaries.

Associated Exam

There is only one written test which is especially designed for this certification, although this exam is also used by other certifications as well. This exam is called "€œAlcatel-Lucent NRS II Composite Exam". This test is of highly advanced level and will check the concepts of the candidates from various angles. There are some other exams as well which are recommended for this certification, but they are not mandatory. Furthermore, there is a lab exam as well for this certification which is taken after the previous exam is cleared. This exam is called "Alcatel-Lucent NRS II Lab Exam".


This certification is of an advanced level and hence requires some skills as well. Students should do some other basic certification before doing this one so they become equipped with the required skills. The students should know in detail how IP and TCP work and should be roughly familiar with some other protocols as well. They are also supposed to have a good understanding of routing protocols. Furthermore, one of the most essential needs is to have a good concept regarding the working of Ethernet services.

Examination Overview

Alcatel-Lucent NRS II Composite Exam

This is a highly technical exam which will be based on very complex topics. Following provides an overview of the topics which need to be studied in detail, although there are a good number of sub-topics under these headings.

  1. Internet Routing Protocol (IRP)
  2. MPLS Networks
  3. IP Networks
  4. Ethernet services
  5. Layer 2 services
  6. Layer 3 services

This exam actually tests the students from different angles. The candidates should not only have considerable knowledge about the topics listed above, they should also have a deep understanding of the topics. The questions will be asked from different aspects and the ability of the candidate to find a solution in the given time frame would be tested. It is highly advised that the student goes through the specimen papers which are available easily online.

The exam will be carried out for three hours and thirty minutes. It will have multiple-choice questions covering all the topics stated above. The total number of problems in the exam will be 100, which the student will have to solve in the given 210 minutes.

Validity of Certification

The validity of the certification is ongoing and it will remain valid for a significant amount of time. However, in case the certification expires, the candidates will have to apply for recertification and clear a test as well.

Expert Review

This is a highly advanced certification which tends to broaden the horizon of the knowledge of candidates. Those who are looking forward for a professional career in this field should definitely do this certification. It holds great rewards for such people.

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