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Certification: SRA

Certification Full Name: Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Architect

Certification Provider: Alcatel-Lucent

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SRA Certification Exams

ASRA4A0 - Alcatel-Lucent SRA Lab Exam

NRSII4A0 - Alcatel-Lucent NRS II Lab Exam

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Certification Notation

* After passing 4A0-100 exam you will get Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I) Certification.

** After passing the following exams:

  • 4A0-100
  • 4A0-101
  • 4A0-103
  • 4A0-104
  • NRSII4A0

you will get Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) Certification.

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SRA Certification Info

Certification Overview

This certification is also known as Service Routing Architect (SRA) certification. This certification is the highest and most advanced certification in the field of service routing. This certification is designed for those engineers who are willing to pursue a professional career as service routing architects. This certification promises to enrich their knowledge and skills with professionalism and provide them with an amazing way to boost their career. It endows the candidates with the skills to build, design and support various service routing networks and manage and maintain them. This certification tends to provide a path to these people to reach the top.

Who can do this Certification

This is a certification of the highest level which requires a lot of background skills. It is mainly designed for highly experienced engineers who want to enhance their capabilities and strengths through this certification. It basically builds up of the Alcatel Lucent NTS II certification. Only those people should do this certification who are motivated enough to clear all the exams associated with it and go through its difficult process. No matter how much difficult this certification might me, once it is cleared, the rewards are amazing. It is also very much suggested for experienced network specialists and architects.


This certification provides the candidates with the professional skills required to work in a complex networking environment. This means that people who do this certification would be eligible for amazing jobs which would boost their income. People possessing this certification tend to earn above $70000 annually due to the high value of this certification and the people who acquire it. These people will also be taught some unique skills to manage and operate highly complex networks.

Associated Exam

This extremely high-level certification designed for the top most engineers out there has a number of requirements which need fulfillment. The candidates have to take 10 mandatory written exams in order to clear this certification. Failing to pass any one of these ten exams could result in the failure of acquiring this certification. The 10 exams include Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture, Virtual Private LAN Services, Scalable IP Networks, Border Gateway Protocol, Virtual Private Routed Networks, Multicast Protocols, Advanced Troubleshooting, Interior Routing Protocols, Multiprotocol Label Switching, Quality of Service. Detailed information regarding each exam is available easily on web.


This certification builds up on the NRS II certification. Hence it requires all the topics which were covered in that certification. The candidate should be familiar with the advanced use of different protocols including IP, TCP and IRP. Furthermore, a keen knowledge regarding networking is also required. The candidate should be able to manage Ethernet services and devise solutions to make the service better. A full list of prerequisites is available on the website of the company.

Examination Overview

There are a total of 10 exams associated with this certification. Important topics which require concentration for these exams include the following. These topics must be thoroughly studied.

  1. Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  2. Multicast Protocols
  3. Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN's
  4. Quality of Service (QoS)
  5. Border Gateway Protocol
  6. Advanced Network Troubleshooting

This is the basic outline of the topics which will be assessed in all of the ten exams. There are loads of multiple topics under these headings which should be looked at carefully. The candidates should make sure that they know the implementation of the knowledge that they have gained so far. This is because the exam will not only test the knowledge but also assess the candidates on the way they interpret and solve different problems.

These exams will comprise of multiple choice questions and will be conducted online. The exams would be held for the duration of 90 minutes and no extra time will be given. Furthermore, the exams will comprise of 60 questions each. The clearance in these exams is subject to scoring high marks in them.

Validity of Certification

This certification will stay valid for a long amount of time. However, if the certification expires, the candidate will have to apply for recertification. The process of recertification requires the clearance of only one exam by the candidate.

Expert Review

This certification stands on top of all the certifications for network routing. Those professionals who want to reach the apex and boost their career should definitely do this certification. It brings along a lot of benefits including a skill-set for life time. People who do this certification grab the top notches of job positions in the market and become entitled to highly-rewarding salaries.

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