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Certification: Technology Consultant

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Certification Provider: SAP

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Technology Consultant Certification Info

How to pass the SAP Technology Consultant certification with ease

SAP Technology Consultant certification has been designed for the individuals who have minimum basic level work experience regarding the SAP technologies & applications. To achieve this certification the candidates are obliged to hold the elementary knowledge required to be a SAP consultant to guarantee the effective gaining of broad-scale knowledge & expertise in the field of SAP solution.

SAP Technology Consultant certification is globally accepted and recognized. IT is offered by the company 'SAP AG'. It costs $500. The certification procedure requires the candidates to pass the exam titled 'SAP Certified Technology Consultant'. The version of this exam is English. The exam is composed of 40 questions and the exam duration is 60 minutes. Some associated trainings are offered for this certification; however, those are not mandatory for the candidates. Adding to these, candidates can also upgrade their SAP Technology Consultant certification by some other higher-level exam; but, those are not mandatory.

To pass out the SAP Technology Consultant certification exam with ease, the candidates should study the exam-contents stated below:

The chapter titled 'Basis' is composed of the following topics. It is essential for the candidates to read these topics to get certified.

1. Fundamentals of SAP Web

  • Overview of SAP NetWeaver
  • System Architecture of SAP
  • Solution Offering of SAP
  • Architecture of Enterprise Services
  • Navigation

2. Administration of SAP Web

  • Start-stop mechanism of the SAP systems
  • Effectively configuring the SAP Web in the form of ABAP
  • Configuring the remote level connections
  • Effectively managing the SAP Web in the form of ABAP
  • Scheduling of Background tasks
  • Handling of the SAP Web in the form of ABAP
  • Monitoring of SAP Systems

3. Administration II for the SAP Web

  • Technology mechanism for the internet browser-oriented user interfaces
  • Configuration of administrating the central user
  • Application of LDAP to incorporate the directory servers along with the SAP Systems

4. SAP Web by way of Java Administration

  • Fundamentals of Java language as non-programming issues
  • Start-stop mechanism of the SAP Web by way of Java
  • Handling the SAP Web by way of Java
  • Configuration of the SAP Web by way of Java
  • Effective user management of the SAP Web by way of Java
  • Monitoring of the SAP Web by way of Java
  • Application of Software Logistics in the SAP Web by way of Java

5. System Installation of SAP

  • Planning the installation
  • Preparation for the installation
  • SAP GUI installation
  • Process of installation
  • Operations after installation
  • Handling the Kernel
  • Effective Unicode of the conversion output
  • Troubleshooting of the problems regarding installation

6. Software Logistics

  • System Architecture of SAP from the perspective of Software Logistics
  • Note Assistant
  • Extended Transport Control & TMS
  • Customization & advance in ABAP
  • Client Tools
  • Basics of advanced technology
  • Transporting transformations in ABAP

7. Analysis of Workload

  • Dialog Step mechanism
  • Monitoring of the Workload Analysis
  • Management of SAP Memory
  • Verifying the Capacity of Hardware
  • Analyzing the pricey SQL Statements
  • Buffering of SAP Table

The chapter titled 'Database under RFC monitoring' is composed of the following topics. It is essential for the candidates to read these topics to get certified.

1. Overview of i5/OS

  • Storage at Single Level
  • Fundamental administration
  • Objects & File Systems
  • Uncomplicated programs of CL
  • Commands of i5/OS

2. Application of SAP Architecture in IBM eServer iSeries

  • Work Management
  • JAVA considerations
  • DB2/400 Usage of SAP
  • Printing
  • Directory Structures
  • Scenarios in 3-Tier
  • Security Management

3. Backup & Recovery Tasks

  • Concepts of backup and recovery
  • Steps of recovery
  • Solutions of High Availability
  • Strategies for backup

4. Maintenance & Installation of the SAP at iSeries

  • Installation mechanism
  • Copy of the Homogeneous System
  • Safeguarding of DB2/400 & i5/oS
  • Patches of SAP

5. Problem & Performance Analysis for the SAP at iSeries

  • Examine problems along with the i5 or OS logs
  • Identification of the performance bottlenecks
  • Analyzing & upgrading the database requests.

Studying the above mentioned exam-contents a candidate can is expected to pass the SAP Technology Consultant Certification exam successfully.