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Determine Network Resources needed for Implementing OSPF on a Network

Exam: Cisco 642-902 - Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v1.0)

Implementing any routing in a network requires the administrators to have a complete checklist and resources in hand to avoid any unforeseen outage of the services.

Following pre-requisites must be included in the implementation plan for implementing OSPF in a network.

  1. Updated Network diagram
  2. IP addressing scheme
  3. Network topology including the type of links, bandwidth associated with each and their utilization.
  4. List of routers to be included in OSPF process
  5. Process ID to be used for the OSPF on every router.
  6. Networks to be included in OSPF.
  7. Interface to be excluded from OSPF.
  8. Boundaries for OSPF.
  9. Redistribution of any other routing protocol or static routes.
  10. Routes to be exchanged
  11. Route Summarization points if required.
  12. Deciding the Stub areas if required.
  13. If OSPF authentication to be used. Its type and key.
  14. If any path to be preferred other than the default s OSPF selected route.