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Specialized Certifications - Java Certifications

Java certifications are available from a number of vendors, including Sun, Oracle, and IBM, and others. Because Java is so prevalent, a certification in Java is considered to be one of the most highly recognized IT credentials in the industry and offers many advantages such as the following:

Advance your career opportunities - Whether you are looking for a new job or to earn a promotion with your existing company, a Java certification can help you stand out from non-certified candidates. According to a recent survey by CompTIA, among IT hiring managers, nearly two-thirds (64%) rate IT certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating skills and expertise.

Higher Earning Potential - Java certified professionals generally earn more money than their non-certified peers.

Industry Recognition - There are currently over 500,000 Java certified professionals worldwide so it's no wonder Java certification tops the list of most recognized certifications in the industry. Oracle offers a complete certification path for Java from an Associate level to Master level so whether you are just getting started with Java or have years of experience, you can validate your skills with a Java certification. The Java Certification path has also been designed to align to real-world job roles and functions so you can specialize in areas that are relevant to your day-to-day job and career goals.

Becoming part of the Java certification community - through networking sites, formal classes, technical conferences, andonline forums, you can have the opportunity to engage with others with similar interests, as well as resource sharing.

Boosting Your Confidence - This will allow you to strengthen your Java skills, while enhancing your employment opportunities. With the designation of a Java certification you will establish credibility in the eyes of potential employers, leading to more job opportunities and the potential for promotion.

Java Certifications