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BlackBerry Certifications

BlackBerry Exams

  • BCP-410 - Maintaining a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in a Microsoft Exchange Environment
  • BCP-420 - Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange

BlackBerry Limited is a pioneer telecommunication, electronics and wireless apparatus manufacturing company that was got worldwide recognitions for it's BlackBerry branded smartphones and tablets. It's headquarter is located at Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. This Canadian company was previously recognized as RIM (Research In Motion Limited) that was founded by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin in the year of 1984.


  • BlackBerry OS (Java): Java-based BlackBerry operating system aims to operate the low powered mobile devices, bandwidth with narrow network, high security enterprises, etc. The company than shifted to QNX at its core for providing fast web browsing, faster performance, more application stores and diverse touch screen enhancements, etc.
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX): The BlackBerry PlayBook initiated the application of QNX-built BlackBerry Tablet OS, among the RIM products.
  • BlackBerry 10 (QNX): BlackBerry 10 represents the next generation BlackBerry smart phones.


Professional BlackBerry Certification has three levels. Those are:

  • BlackBerry provides BCESA40 (BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Sales Associate) Certification for the professional dealing with RIM (Research In Motion) of wireless email-communication devices of the BlackBerry. This certification makes the professionals expert in desktop software, technical support provision, etc. It includes several exams.
  • BCTA (BlackBerry Certified Technical Associate)
  • BlackBerry Certified Support Associate T2

The BlackBerry Technical Certifications are as follows:

  • BlackBerry Certified Support Technician (BCSTR)
  • BlackBerry Certified Server Support Technician (BCSST)
  • BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Server Consultant (BCESC)

BlackBerry 10 Certification Program includes:

  • BlackBerry Certified Builder for Native Application Development
  • BlackBerry 10 Certified Helpdesk Specialist
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Certified System Administrator (BDS)
  • BlackBerry 10 Certified Support Specialist
  • BlackBerry Certified Builder for Web Application Development