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Certification: EMCSA NAS

Certification Full Name: EMC Storage Administrator Network Attached Storage

Certification Provider: EMC

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Certification Notation

E10-001 exam will retire on December 31, 2015. It will be replaced with E5-001 exam.

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EMCSA NAS Certification Info

What is NAS and how to prepare for it?

NAS or Network Attached Storage; it is a file-level or the data storage in computer which is connected to your computer network in order to provide access to data to the heterogeneous clients group. Its function is not only to perform as a file server but also it is expert in this job regarding any of its software, hardware, or elementary configurations. If you want to convert the unstructured data of your company into functional business intelligence then your very first step is creating the storage architecture which can deal easily with the data petabytes. As it is said by Nick Kirsch, that scaling out NAS has proven to be the best ever solution. The main idea behind it is to make your current storage larger, powerful and quicker. It is made possible by replacing all the existing devices with the newer ones (having higher capacity).

Now it is time to discuss some important steps that how one can prepare himself for NAS. These are the five steps which have been dictated by Nick Kirsch. They will definitely help you out regarding this, they are as follows:

  • Scaling: the future architecture generation is required to be capable enough to scale. If it is about managing 1TB drive then protecting and replicating it extremely easy. If it is possible with 1TB drive then a scale-out NAS architect must have the capability to handle this problem with a larger and heavy data.. With a good software development knowledge and abstraction layer together help nodding in behaving like a distinct system.
  • Predictable: the performance must be predictable. There should be no dissimilarities in your architectural performance. Allowing the scaling system as per the requirement is best. If every week a particular capacity of TB amount is being added then there must not be a difference in the linear scalability on performance point of view. The need of re-educating or re-architecting of the users must not be arise.
  • Efficiency: this means to make the storage system as efficient as possible and this is possible by moving the existing data around. This will optimize the performance and capacity as well. For a big requirement(s), an NAS candidate must be smart enough. It is not about using the 50% or 55% of the physical drives but over 80%. That much of storage capacity must be utilized in spite of the fact that where computer or CPU or Cache is placed.
  • Available: this step is the most important as unavailability cannot be afforded. Take benefits of the N-way architecture, so that; more than 2 failures can be survived. It is only the hundred per cent availability which helps in surviving the lowering down of the rack. It should be flexible, so that; it can easily keep 'on' always. This will let the alignment of the protection availability system with all the needs and requirements of the business units. If you invest more, than definitely they will be turned up with more availability and in case of less valuable data, the availability will be lesser. This was said by Kirsch. Also, an assumption is made that as the storage infrastructure of NAS has been built up on the commodity hardware, the hardware failure is possible and that is why; the system is required to be designed in such a way that it can deal easily even with higher rate hardware failure.
  • Proven-enterprise: as the technological field has matured enough, it is no more an external or outside project of IT, in fact; it has become the major IT part. It has got to have the replication, quotas, snapshots and every other conventional features of IT. This is the technology which has developed and advanced beyond HPC root. But, in case you are interested in building a scale-out system, then you have to build it ultimately in order to get it fit perfectly into the enterprise environment.

Storage is the big problem for IT sector and NAS training and certification help the storage managers to enhance the protection level for the critical business data in order to increase the asset utilization, reliability levels and availability with a decreased management cost.