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Certification: EMCSA SAN

Certification Full Name: EMC Storage Administrator Storage Area Network

Certification Provider: EMC

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Certification Notation

E10-001 exam will retire on December 31, 2015. It will be replaced with E5-001 exam.

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EMCSA SAN Certification Info

Secrets of good score in SAN certification exam

SAN or Storage Area Network is the keen network providing access to the consolidated block level data storage. Initially it was used for enhancing the storage devices like tape libraries, optical jukeboxes, disk arrays. SAN is beneficial as:

  • It eliminates the restrictions on the amount of data that can be accessed by an individual server as oppose to server with direct attached disk.
  • A storage which can be accessed by multiple servers simultaneously with more robust and faster processing.
  • The storage resources can be centrally managed and storage space can be allocated and de-allocated to hosts as needed.
  • The components are hot-swappable, eliminating down-time.

SAN classification; here are the common SAN deployments, they are:

  • FC or fibre channel: it uses the fibre channel protocol for communication.
  • IP SAN: it uses IP-based protocols for communication.
  • Fibre channel over Ethernet or FCoE SAN: it uses FCoE protocol for communication.

The SAN certification benefits the storage professionals who deploy and manage the multi-vendor and multi-site SAN environments. If you are looking forward to do diagnostics and troubleshooting then you are required to improve a hand-on. Also, it needs to have a deep knowledge focusing on the storage certification and training. There are plenty of options available for you to pursue. It depends completely on where an individual wants to direct his career.

Secondly, you must have good knowledge about how to use protocol analyzer which is made for a good communication in some of the circles. As far as it is about scoring in the exam then the first step is to identify which field you must go for. On the basis of that, choose the option which includes the technological neutral training, vendor specific from private groups as well as industries. For instance, if an individual wants to leverage his experience with EMC and Brocade, then the certifications from those vendors is an option. If it is about some more qualification or certification then there is several SNIA qualification and certification programs have been made for you.

SNIA or Storage Networking Industry Association credential provides tremendous entrance into the world of implementation, management and storage design. In order to get high score in this exam you need excellent quality study material. But there are no books available for the SAN topics. But, there are self assessment, study guides, text booklets, objectives and other offers have been published online that helps in gaining knowledge about the topic. Going with them thoroughly will help you in gaining the success. The curriculum is also available online only.

SNIA; it is the association which has proved to be the biggest movers and shakers for entire storage market. It has brought all the key and major or minor technological providers & players in IT niche. Its vision is to rule over the storage industries all over the world promoting standards and technologies. Also, it is the association providing the top class education services in order to empower the organization in information management. Its certification is available for the engineer, architect, professional and expert level.

When it is about studying then there is no much material is available with the third parties like some out of the printed books and practice tests. But, SNIA is able to provide plenty of information regarding examination objectives including length as well as detailed list of reading. Also, some highly advanced SNIA certifications are quite popular in storage niche. Though, it is quite typical for the senior IT expert to earn single or multiple vendor specific storage credentials. Also, it is both desirable and typical for them to get the higher level of SNIA credentials because they are advanced in the career. The SNIA association is a very strong foundation of system level credentials, vendor neutral, which is integrated with and also complement the individual vendor certifications.

Scoring high in SAN certification examination demands for making out more with less. With its integrated approach to the multiple protocol storage, it helps storage managers to store increased amount of data in order to manage the faster growing information resources while saving driving cost over a longer period of time.