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ACI Exams

ACI is a premier global community of wholesale financial-marketing professionals who belong to the industries of foreign exchange activities and money markets. ACI was established in 1955 as Association CambisteInternationale in Paris. This non-profit international association includes around14,000 members spanning over 68 countries. It is headquartered in Paris, France. In November 2010, a representative office was established in Beijing, China.

The activities of ACI involveinterest rate products, financial markets, money market security issues, foreign exchange, banknotes, bullions, valuable metals and commodities along with their different derivatives. ACI also contributes to the sustainable market development through disseminating market practices, education, certification, technical advice, networking events, etc.

The Money Market and Liquidity Working Group (MMLWG) was founded in 1999 consisting of 21 European country-members. The derivative of this working group wasformed in 2001 with 19 leading European banks tofocus on the interest rates & FX derivatives.


It develops educational programs and examinations toadvancethe competence and ethicsof professional attitudes in the worldwide financial markets. The Financial Services Authority (FSA, United Kingdom) approved the ACI exam and certification program in December 2010. The exams are taken through Prometric system. ACI certifications include two levels. Those are:

Level One

  • ACI Dealing Certificate
  • ACI Operations Certificate

Level Two

  • ACI Diploma
  • ACI Model Code Certificate

The ACI Dealing Certificate is anentry-levelcertificationthat involves knowledge regarding structure and function of the prime foreign exchange and money markets. ACI Dealing Certificate is the prerequisite to the ACI Diploma. The exams are offered in English and German language.