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SAS Institute Exams

  • A00-211 - SAS Base Programming for SAS 9
  • A00-212 - SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9
  • A00-240 - SAS Statistical Business Analysis Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling
  • A00-250 - SAS Platform Administration for SAS 9
  • A00-260 - SAS Data Integration Development for SAS 9
  • A00-281 - SAS Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 - Accelerated Version 9 Accelerated Version

SAS Institute is a leading global private software company that produces analytics software. SAS was founded as a research project at North Carolina State University, Cary, USA by James Goodnight and Anthony J. Barr in the 1960s. SAS-software assists the companies - including, 79% of Fortune 500 companies - to deal with corporate data to perform decision-making.


SAS is the collection of business analytics software that performs statistics, predictive analytics, data mining, data visualization, operations research, quality improvement, graph theory and text analytics to assist data management, customer/marketing analysis, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, risk management, supply chain management, performance management, etc. SAS applies grid, in-database, in-memory computing algorithms, and SAS language.


The SAS Global Certification program started in 1999. This program offers credentials regarding the SAS Programming, Predictive Modeling, Administration, Data Management and Business Intelligence. Up to 2011, above 35,800 SAS certifications have issued to the professionals spanning 77 countries.

  • SAS Foundation certification targets the data managers, programmers, analysts, anybody writing SAS programs for accessing and managing the data to execute queries and analyses.
  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer is the advance level certification for the SAS Base Programmers.
  • SAS Clinical Trials Programmer certification targets the programmers who apply SAS software for analyzing clinical trials of data for producing reports to submit to regulatory authorities.
  • SAS Advanced Analytics certification targets the professionals who use SAS Enterprise Miner for executing predictive analytics.
  • SAS Business Analyst: Regression and Modeling certification targets the professionals who deal with business problems through statistical analyses & perform predictive modeling through SAS/STAT software.
  • SAS Business Intelligence certification targets the SAS users who build, implement, and customize the SAS interface applications.
  • SAS Data Management certification targets the SAS users performing SAS Business Analytics to gather and cleanse data for reporting and analysis
  • SAS Administration certification targets the IT administrators who install, configure, administer, and maintain the platform targeting SAS Business Analytics.