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The Open Group Certifications

The Open Group Exams

  • OG0-021 - ArchiMate 2 Part 1
  • OG0-023 - ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2
  • OG0-061 - IT4IT Part 1 Exam
  • OG0-091 - TOGAF 9 Part 1
  • OG0-092 - TOGAF 9 Part 2
  • OG0-093 - TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2
  • OGB-001 - TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1
  • OGBA-101 - TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation
  • OGEA-103 - TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Combined Part 1 and Part 2

The Open Group is a global industrial consortium that is neutral to both vendor and technology. It holds around over eight hundred member organizations across the world,whom The Open Group offers a range of services including certification, test development, strategy, research, and management.

It was founded in 1996, following the merging of X/Open and the Open Software Foundation. The Open Group members include IT buyers, vendors, and government agencies. Among them are Huawei, Intel, Philips, and IBM.


Itís important to note that The Open Group is the most legendary certifying body for the UNIX trademark as well as its innovation of Single UNIX Specification technical standard that extends the POSIX standards and holds the official definition of the UNIX system. The Open Group also produces and operates the TOGAF standard that is an industry-standard high-ability enterprise architecture framework or EA framework.

Also worth mentioning is the ArchiMate technical standard developed by The Open Group, which is an independent and open language for modeling enterprise architecture.


Basically, the entire certification program of The Open Group is divided into two main blocks:

  • Knowledge-Based Certification track is designed to test your level of knowledge and understanding ofThe Open Group standards. Thus, the following assignments are available to you:
    TOGAF Certification is designed to test candidates' confidence and extensive knowledge of one of the key standards of the Open Group, known as TOGAF. Itís an open enterprise architecture standard applied by the leading global organizations to advance business efficiency. Thus, several accreditation options are available here, namely TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified.
    ArchiMate Certification, which confirms that the candidate is proficient in the ArchiMate at the Foundation or Practitioner level. It is an Open Group Standard that developed as a free visual modeling language facilitating enterprise architecture that enables the enterprise architects to define the business domain-relationships precisely.
    Open FAIR™ Certification is designed for professionals wishing to assure their understanding and confident knowledge of Open FAIR standards such as O-RT and O-RA, to obtain the appropriate Foundation level certificate.
    IT4IT Certification is intended for everyone who wants to prove their expertise in the IT4IT reference architecture, namely version 2.1. Only the Foundation level is available on this path.
    Digital Practitioner Certification is designed to confirm that the applicant knows the DPBoK standard at the Foundation level.

    In addition, this program has developed several micro-certifications covering a small amount of training. These include ArchiMate Essentials 3.1, Integrating Risk and Security, TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1, and TOGAF Essentials 2018.

  • Experience Based Certification program, which offers candidates a formal qualification based on their experience and professional accomplishments. It comprises the four designations for the following roles: Open CA (Architect), Open CDS (Data Scientist), Open CTS (Technical Specialist), and Open CTTP (Trusted Technology Practitioner).

    At the same time, Open Group offers a multi-step qualification process for the experience-based certification program. The certificate is awarded by evaluating experience in three stages - Certified, Master Certified, as well as Distinguished.

Training options:

The Open Group training courses can be taken from the Accredited Training Course Providers. Thatís why the duration and price will vary. At the same time on the website of this certification provider you can find guides, data sheets, webinars, and white papers. In addition, you can check the Open Group Store, to find some more study materials for your certification exam, such as practice tests, guides, and standards, to mention some of them.